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iPhone 13 Mini Prototype shows new Camera Design

iPhone 13 Mini Prototype: We’ve heard various rumors about the iPhone 13 but we’ve not seen any leak regarding this device. That narrative might just have changed as a Chinese account on Weibo just leaked what appears to be a dummy of the iPhone 13 mini.

The leaked photo showed the prototype of the smallest model, the iPhone 13 mini. And this is coming months before the phone is commercially available. Note that the picture was only seen from behind.

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You should understand that this design is subject to change by Apple but for now let’s share what we have so far.

iPhone 13 Mini Prototype
Source: 9to5Mac

From the leaked image, the rear camera arrangement is changed. Instead of been vertical or placed on same side, the camera is placed in opposite direction.

This is because the sensor of the cameras seem bigger. There is only dual rear cameras though and the Apple Logo imprinted at the middle of the back.

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Aside from the camera, the photo shows that the back design will look exactly same as the iPhone 12 Mini.

iPhone 13 Mini Prototype
Source: 9to5Mac

Rumors has it that the notch and bezels of the iPhone 13 will be thinner than those of the iPhone 12. But, the leaked photo didn’t confirm that which means we’ll still have to wait some more and see.

We also know that Apple usually launched its new iPhone with new chipset and iOS. As of now, no news regarding the software, chipset, camera and internal specs yet. Follow us to get all those updates as they drop.





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