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Leak: Apple iPhone 15 Series to get Bigger Batteries

All iPhone 15 series are expected to get bigger batteries according to a new leak out of China. This update is coming just a few months before the release of the iPhone 15 models. So below are the battery gains on all iPhone 15 models.

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The iPhone 15 battery size is 3,877 mAh capacity which is about 18% larger than the iPhone 14 with 3,279 mAh. Aside from this base model, others got battery gain as well.

iPhone 15 Plus battery size is 4,912 mAh which is 14% bigger than the size of the current iPhone 14 Plus with 4,323 mAh capacity. The iPhone 15 Plus will deliver a longer battery life than others in the lineup.

iPhone 15 Pro battery size is 3,650 mAh capacity which is a 14% increase over the iPhone 14 Pro with 3,200 mAh size. And the iPhone 15 Pro Max has 4,852 which is 12% larger than the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 4,323 mAh capacity.

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But could this also mean the iPhone 15 models will be heavier than iPhone 14 models? Yes, possibly. This year’s iPhones will be slightly thicker than their predecessors.







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