GSM Booster illegal in Nigeria: The Nigeria communication commission (NCC) released a memo today stating that the use of GSM Booster (Network Booster or Mobile Signal Booster) is illegal in Nigeria. According to the memo, only authorized GSM Boosters is allowed for use in the country.

But what is GSM booster? And why is NCC placing a ban on its sale and use? Before we continue with the penalty associated with those who use GSM booster in Nigeria, allow us to tell you what network booster is.

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What is a GSM Booster (Network Booster)?

GSM Boosters illegal in Nigeria

A GSM Booster, or network Booster is a device that is meant to amplify the network strength of a particular network. Just like its name, it boost the network signal you are sending and receiving. Which means, it’s meant to increase browsing speed, download speed, upload speed etc.

But it sounds all good right? Why is NCC making the use of something like that illegal?

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Well, from the NCC memo, it appears they have consumers interest at heart. Think about it, if network signal is strong, would there be need for a GSM Booster to amplify the signal? Simple answer is NO.

So, NCC is trying to make sure that the network signal you receive at your home is good enough that you don’t need a signal booster to enjoy what you’re paying for. It’s not a bad thing the commission is trying to do.

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Although there have been no confirmed health related issues, but most people still think that having it in your home poses some health issues. We doubt health is the reason for NCC actions though.

Now that you have an idea what GSM Booster is and why it’s been ban in Nigeria, let’s see the penalties for those that refuse to follow through with the new NCC directives.

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NCC to imprison those who use GSM Boosters in Nigeria

This NCC directive forbids the general public, banks and other financial institutions, government agencies, telecommunications service providers, private/public companies, owners and tenants of residential premises from the sale, installation and use of GSM booster.

NCC warns that there using a GSM Booster is now viewed as criminal offense in the country. And the penalty for those who ignore this includes; monetary sanction and/or imprisonment or both (fine and imprisonment).

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Basically speaking, you can end up been a prisoner if you sell, install or use a GSM Booster. That only is scary enough to make you avoid using the device.

According to the NCC memo, after 14 days of writing this content, any one in Nigeria found, selling, installing or using the device will be prosecuted. Nigeria is not the only country to place restriction on the use of Network signal booster. India, USA, and other countries have some restrictions too.

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But, if you must use a GSM booster, it must be one certified by NCC. Maybe you might have to need a certificate of use for a GSM booster after all.

Either way, to be fore warned is to be fore arm. If you own a business check and make sure you follow the new NCC directives. Anyone who is selling, installing or using a GSM Booster should stop until they get approval from NCC.

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