NIN Frauds: In line with the recent announcement by NCC, all telecommunication companies in Nigeria are to update customer SIM record with NIN. Thus, all Nigerians are been adviced to link their NIN to their SIM record.

There are various ways Nigerians can link their NIN to the SIM. It can be done using USSD codes, via text message, through a website or by simply messaging a customer care agent online. However, cases of NIN Frauds have been coming up for some days now.

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But most banks, NIMC and telecommunication companies have been issuing warnings in the past few days regarding activities of fraudsters. So, all Nigerians are advice to be careful when a text message or call come through asking for NIN to be linked with their bank details.

If you a receive a call from anyone that he is from MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile or NIMC asking for your NIN, please ignore such message.

NIMC Warnings: Don’t share your NIN with others

Also if you receive a call requesting for an OTP or a code sent to your phone number please don’t give the code to the person.

Chances are, they are trying to access your private information or perform a bank transaction on your behalf. Giving out the code to them leaves you vulnerable.

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These sort of techniques can be used to carry out SIM swap and online payment related frauds with your identity. Please ignore such text messages and calls.

FCMB Warnings regarding NIN Frauds

Note that NIMC and federal government will hold you responsible if your NIN is used for any fraudulent activity. In line with the above, you have to be the chief security officer of your NIN. Except you want to suffer for an offense you didn’t actually commit.

With that said, if you still haven’t linked your NIN with your SIM card record please try and do that. SIM card records without NIN will be removed from receiving mobile service from their operators soon.

Please share this information to help others and keep your loved ones safe.

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