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Qualcomm set to release a new chip for laptops and desktops

Qualcomm is known for making chips mainly for smartphones. However, the company has not been very successful in making chips for laptops and desktop computers. Well that is about to change.

According to a new report from The Verge, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said the company as intention of manufacturing chips for laptops and desktop computers. He said the incoming chip “will become the performance benchmark for Windows computers.”

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To make the development process, Qualcomm acquired Nuvia $1.4 billion. This company was created in 2019 by former Apple engineers who worked on the A-series chipsets for the iPhone and iPad. In fact, Gerard Williams III, the founder of Nuvia worked for ten years as one of the main architects of the Apple’s A-series processors.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

There no official details about the specifications of the incoming Snapdragon chip for laptops and desktops computers. But rumors has it that its architecture and performance will be similar to Apple’s M1.

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This means all modules including memory, CPU and GPU, will be located on one substrate. The purpose is to ensure faster and efficient communication among components. Qualcomm might also improve the Adreno GPU to the level of powerful video adapters from the desktop.

One of the key difference between this incoming chip and competitions will be the integration of 5G modem. Apple’s M-series is yet to have support for 5G network technology.

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Another key area the company will improve on is security, sustainable performance, and good battery life. The first set of this chip for test is expected to be available next year with mass production expected to start in 2023.

Why make a laptop and desktop chip?

Qualcomm is arguably the number one chip maker for Android devices. Also, the computer industry is seeing a gradual shift from the traditional x86 architecture towards the mobile and energy efficient ARM.

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The Apple’s M1 chip has been well received in the computer industry due to its impressive processing power. With the ARM technology, more companies are trying to enter the computer chip space.

This might just be a good reason why Qualcomm wants to test the waters there. And if their chip for laptops and desktop computers is as good as those in Android phones, the company might actually have a space there.






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