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Samsung Electronics UK joins Vodafone to train SME’s in the Country

The branch of Samsung Electronics in the UK has joined forces with Vodafone to help train SME’s in the country. This training aims to foster the growth of business SME businesses in the UK. And the Samsung Electronics UK will be doing this through Vodafone’s business.connected initiative.

According to an official blog post by Vodafone, Samsung Electronics UK has joined its business.connected initiative. This program was created by Vodafone and Enterprise Nation. The purpose of this initiative is to offer free professional training and access to resources that will help nurture and grow SME businesses in the UK.

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For those who don’t know, the business.connected initiative was launched in May 2021. One of its goal is to help grown more than 150,000 SME’s in the UK by June 2022. So far, more than 65,000 SME’s in the UK have benefited from the business.connected initiative.

These SME’s have had access to courses that explains everything, right from setting up a business online, digital marketing, and cybersecurity. The idea is to help SME’s grow their business and also teach small businesses how to stay safe online.

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To give you a background, the business.connected initiative was launched back in May 2021. The main idea behind this was to provide expert digital training to small businesses. Apparently, this will help them scale their business. Moreover, people in small businesses will also get training to stay safe online.

If you live in the UK and you’re interested in this training, you access the digital courses through the Vodafone V-Hub. You can get more information about the courses here.

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Samsung joins Vodafone to help SMEs in the UK

Samsung Electronics UK is joining Vodafone’s business.connected initiative as an “Exclusive Smartphone Partner”. This means the company will be an active member. It’s expected that Samsung Electronics UK will share its expertise and knowledge of the technology giant and help SME’s be up to date in terms of global consumer technology.

The UK branch of Samsung Electronics will be taking part in business.connected workshops and webinars. It’ll provide first-hand guidance and tutorials on everything that is related to technology.

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With Samsung Electronics UK on board the Vodafone’s business.connected initiative, SMEs in the UK will have free access to professional digital courses and training. These digital course and training will include optimizing connectivity to connect all their devices seamlessly.

Thanks to Samsung Electronics UK’s addition to Vodafone’s business.connected initiative, SMEs in the UK will get access to free digital courses and training. This will cover all aspects of optimizing connectivity to connect all their devices seamlessly.






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