If you are wondering what might be inside the Galaxy A21s, well the Inside Man from @Techrann just made a video about Samsung Galaxy A21s disassembly. And in this article we’ll be sharing his findings and giving you a direct link to watch the video on YouTube.

From the video, you could see that the inside of the phone is well arranged. It also shows that the Galaxy A21s is built with a plastic back, plastic frame and glass front. There is also a rear mounted fingerprint scanner tucked inside the back cover.

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According to the inside man, there is one weird thing about the phone. Depending on how you see it, this weird thing might be good or bad. This speed test video by @Maii_HD on YouTube shows that the Redmi 9 is faster than the Galaxy A21s.

But, the RAM management speed of same video above shows that the Galaxy A21s manages storage space better. Confusing right? Not to worry, the Inside Man cleared this up with the teardown video of the Galaxy A21s.

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Watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel for more teardown video.

Yes, it’s obvious the Exynos chipset of the Samsung Galaxy A21s gets heated up pretty quickly which is why it is under performing.  As the chipset gets hotter, the performance gets slower. However, when it comes to RAM management, the Exynos chipset is incredible.

One feature you’ll enjoy most in the Galaxy A21s is the 48MP camera. You can take those nice photos and 1080p videos at 30fps. There is also a 5000mAh battery and a USB type-C port which makes charging the device very easy.

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From the disassembly video of the Samsung Galaxy A21s, the phone won’t do so well in games. For those persons that love photos, watching movies and like opening lots of Apps, the phone is just perfect for you.

Overall, the Galaxy A21s is just a good midrange device to buy. Priced at about 87,000 Naira, the phone has latest software installed, has a good chipset, good cameras, incredible RAM management and very nice battery life.

From the Samsung Galaxy A21s disassembly, the device is a good buy for those who won’t be doing those heavy stuffs with the phone.

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