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Summary Of The First MTN 5G Network Trial In Abuja, Nigeria

With the recent updates in 5G network technology in some part of the world, we know its just a matter of time before network companies in Nigeria provide 5G network in Nigeria. MTN Nigeria became the first mobile network provider in Nigeria to deploy the first MTN 5G network trial in Nigeria. Other places where the MTN 5G network will be tested in Nigeria are Lagos and Calabar.

In the early hours of November 25 2019, Techpoint Africa reported that MTN Nigeria performed the first test of its 5G network in the capital of Nigeria, Abuja. While this is a great news it also came with mixed feelings for some especially persons who don’t understand what this actually means.

We have put together a summary of this MTN 5G network test by and also we have put together some details as to what this actually means for phone users.

Summary of the First MTN 5G Network Trial in Abuja

Below are some of the things we gathered so far from the MTN 5G Network test in Abuja.

1. It was Successful

Yes the reaction and excitement from both Techpoint Africa and MTN Nigeria shows that the test was a success. The even was attended by high profile personnel with the former member of NCC (Nigeria Communication Commission) present.

The chief technical officer of MTN Nigeria Mohammed Rufai said ” 5G offers tremendous benefits in terms of speed, latency (fast processing), efficiency and security. This pilot offers a unique opportunity for us to explore use-cases and applications in Nigeria, and we are excited about its potential for our country and our company (MTN Nigera)”. The 5G network was used to test how fast it can download large files, access the internet, hologram conference call etc.

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2. Fast Download Time

The summary of the event brings us to its download experiment. It was observed that the MTN 5G network downloads files at almost the speed of light. Unlike 4G that download files at an estimated 70Mbs (Mbs = megabyte per second), the newly tested MTN 5G network download files at an estimated 1 Gbs (Gbs = gigabyte per second).

During the test, the MTN 5G network was used to download a file of 2.3GB and it took about 15.8 seconds to complete the download. While same file download took about 5 minutes 4 seconds when it was downloaded using the 4G network. This is expected as the MTN 5G network runs a 26 GHz band while 4G runs on 2600 GHz band.

3. Less Upload Time

Talk about download time and upload time is not far behind. It was also observed from the test that MTN 5G network will have faster upload time compared to 4G network. This means that you won’t to wait for a long time to upload a video, photo and audio on the internet.

4. Possibility to work on Non 5G enabled devices

Unlike other network that uses a physical cable (fiber) the new MTN 5G is said to be cloud based. Which means it is possible that phones without 5G can also have a taste of what MTN 5G feels like. Although for these devices to enjoy using the 5G at home or work, the devices need to have WiFi feature.

Other interesting updates from the MTN 5G Network trial includes, faster call connectivity with the MTN 5G network. It was observed that a call made on 5G took only 2 seconds to connect. The MTN 5G also have fast processing as there is less delays when it is connected.

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Why MTN 5G is important to Nigerians

There are whole lots of reasons why this new MTN 5G network is important especially to Nigerians. For starters, phone brands like Samsung, OnePlus have 5G enabled phones. The latest SOCs (system on chips) and the new Android 10 supports 5G network. This means its a matter of time before mid-rang and possible low entry phones start using 5G network.

If by the time these companies starts producing more 5G phones and the network technology is not available in Nigeria then a lower version of these phones will be brought to Nigeria. We have put together other reasons why Nigerians need 5G below.

  • It will increase browsing speed tremendously
  • Fast downloading of files
  • Smooth streaming of movies online
  • Faster upload time on the internet
  • Quick voice call
  • 5G is more efficient and secure
  • Top brands like Samsung can now launch 5G enabled phone in the country

When will MTN 5G start working in Nigeria

As at the time of writing this article there is no known date. MTN Nigeria is still waiting for the government to set up some regulations that will govern the use of this new technology. But we think it will be somewhere in the year 2020 or by some surprise late 2019. Either way, it took huge infrastructure, time and financial resources to pull this together.

Although MTN Nigeria is the first to run a trial of the 5G network in Nigeria, we can’t say they’ll be the only one. The likes of Airtel and Glo are strong competitions and we believe they won’t sit down with arms fold. One should expect the Glo 5G and Airtel 5G Network soon.

Whoever brings the 5G network live to Nigeria is not really of importance. What is of real importance is that network providers in Nigeria are striving to provide value for the consumers. The first MTN 5G network trial is a proof that these network providers are keen on bringing latest network technology to Nigeria.

4G is good but with the results from the MTN 5G network test, one can rightly say that 5G is better. Next trial location for the MTN 5G network is Lagos and Calabar. What do you think about this new development, please tell us via your comment below.



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