Phone battery is very important in mobile phones. All the features of the phone is useless without a battery that powers and keep the phone alive. When your phone has battery issues, your phone becomes a desktop that needs some constant power source to stay alive. But what if there was a way you could save your phone battery life? In fact, we’ll be giving you 3 simple ways that can help you save the battery life of your phone.

Note that saving your battery life does not mean increasing how long your battery will last. We are not magicians and there is no way we can add 100mAh to your 3000mAh battery. Just so we are clear and on same page, saving your battery life is different from increasing how long it will last. The information we’ll share can also however help keep your battery alive for a long time.

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What we mean by battery life is how long your battery will survive before you change it. Nothing lasts forever even the CEO or manager of the mobile phone company will have to be changed as some point in time. Phone batteries are expected to last for some years before you think about possibly replacing it. But some phone batteries last months and then it needs replacement. Why is that and what can you do to help save the life of your phone battery.

Things that destroy the Battery Life of a Phone

Surprisingly, some of our actions contributes greatly to how long the battery of our phone will last. Some of the actions are listed below

  • Using our phone to 0%
  • Charging our phone even after it’s 100%
  • Using the phone heavily while it is plugged or charging

How to save Your phones battery life

We have put together some few tips to help you save your phone battery life. You can read more about it below.

Avoid Using Your Phone To 0%

This is one habit that contributes to the damage of your phone battery. Do you know that phone companies by default placed a warning for you to charge the battery of your phone when it’s as low as 15%? Which means that they know that using it continuously at that or below that level will result to the damage of the battery.

You might have also noticed that each time you drain your battery to 0%, it takes time for the charging to pick up and get to 1%. In some cases, the battery will just be blinking for a long time till it starts charging. Point is stop using your phone till 0%. When you get low battery notification warning, stop using your phone for heavy duty and turn on the power saver before you possibly charge the battery. This will help preserve the life of your phone’s battery.

Stop Charging Your phone when it gets to 100%

Sometimes I wonder what some persons are still charging even after the battery is fully charged. I mean it’s 100% already what else are you still charging? Mobile phone companies placed the maximum of 100% to show you that the battery is fully charged. If they don’t want you to unplug the charger after 100% they might have just left the 100% notification out of the phone.

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Charging your phone after it’s 100% is like putting water inside a bucket that is already filled. Certainly those water won’t go inside that bucket. Although the new Litnium battery that comes with phones does not overheat but it is recommended that your battery percentage should be between 15% to 95%. So avoid charging your phone with the hope that it will get over the 100% mark. It won’t and you are causing more damage to the battery than you might imagine.

Don’t use your phone heavily while it is plugged or charging

Playing games, music, browsing at same time charging the phone is not good. If you have noticed, most times when you use the phone while plugged in, it becomes very hot. That is how the Litnium batteries are designed. They release heat when under heavy usage.

Phone batteries are designed to either charge or drain anything in between is called DAMAGING THE BATTERY. So your phone battery should be either charging or draining gradually. But when you use it for heavy duties while it’s plugged in, the battery will be letting out much heat as it’s been over used. This can result to the damage of the battery.


Its very easy to keep your phone battery alive for a long time. By keeping the battery alive, you will also make the battery perform at it’s best and thereby last longer. To save your phone battery life you need to, avoid draining your battery continuously, stop trying to charge your phone above 100% and avoid using your phone for heavy duty while it’s plugged in or charging.

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