With the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 getting close, more interesting stuffs about the device is surfacing. The latest about the incoming Samsung flip phone is its beautiful case.

Just two weeks before the announcement of the Galaxy Z flip 3, new renders have shown the type of cases Samsung will be selling to protect the foldable device.

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See the beautiful Galaxy Z Flip 3 official cases

The guys over at 91Mobiles just shared render photos of the casing that will be used for the Flip 3. These renders shows that Samsung is releasing lots of official cases and it’ll include some unique cases.

Aside from the traditional Leather Case, it appears Galaxy Z Flip 3 will also be getting a Silicone Case that’ll include a ring on the back to hold it when it’s close.

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Another Silicone Case that Samsung will introduce switches out the ring for a branded strap with the word “Flip”. And even if you don’t like Silicone and Leather Cases, Samsung is also bringing a Clear case with a ring to hold the Galaxy Z flip 3.

From the render images, the cases of the Galaxy Z flip 3 is split into two parts: one part covers the top, the other part cover the bottom of the phone.

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There is a big cutout at the top part for the rear camera module, secondary display of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Then you also see a small hole for the LED flash.

The designs and colors of the Z Flip 3 cases are truly beautiful. Even the materials also makes it really nice to own.

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