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Truecaller’s latest update brings host of new features including Call Recording

A new Truecaller update is now available for download and it comes with hosts of new features. The most popular caller ID App is making some major changes and including new features such as video caller ID feature, a fresh UI, and caller recording for all devices running Android 5.1 and above.

The Video Caller ID features is one of the biggest update rolled out in the version 12 of Truecaller. This new feature allows you to set a short video that automatically plays when you call your contacts. To manage the Video Caller ID features, just open the App and go to Settings > Caller ID.

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Call Recording is the next big update coming in the latest update of the Truecaller App. This feature was previously only available for premium users. But now, anyone with a device running Android 5.1 or later have access to the Call Recording features.

Truecaller App Update

According to Truecaller, all recordings will be saved locally in your device and can’t be accessed by Truecaller. This also means this feature will work even if your phone manufacturer has no such support.

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Another new feature that the latest Truecaller brings is a new streamlined UI that separates tabs for calls and SMS, making it easier to access SMS, individual chats, and Group chats.

The last two features that this new update brings to the Truecaller app is for Premium and Gold subscribers. First is the Ghost Call Feature, this lets users to receive a fake call to help you get out of sticky situations or pull a harmless prank on friends.

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Second is a Call Announce feature that speaks aloud the name of callers through the speaker and headphones. This allows users to know who is calling even without looking at the phone.

Truecaller latest update brings the following new features:

  • Video Caller ID: greet friends & family with a short video when you call them
  • A new user interface with separate tabs for calls and messages
  • Call Recording which enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls
  • New Premium feature: Ghost Call to get out of awkward situations and meetings
  • New Premium feature: Announce Call speaks caller name out loud, even on headphones, for regular voice calls and Truecaller HD Voice Calls over data

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The latest update is the Truecaller version 12 and you can update or download the Truecaller App on Google Play Store to get the latest version.

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