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Metaverse Teleportation: What it is, how it’ll work and its benefits

Metaverse Teleportation: The future of Social Media is moving to the next level and its virtual reality. Among the things that will be introduced into social media will be Teleportation. And although it might sound crazy this might actually become a thing.

Meta has shown that it’s working on a Metaverse which will be a new way of interacting with people. While it has its many potential positives, you can’t just turn a blind eye to its potential negatives. But in this article, we’ll talk about one of its many Potential Positives and that’s the “Metaverse Teleportation”.

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So, to begin with, what is the Metaverse Teleportation? How does Teleportation work in the Metaverse and what are its benefits? We’ll discuss all these in article.

What is Metaverse Teleportation?

Metaverse Teleportation

Teleportation in the Metaverse is the act of users moving from one place to another without having to be physically there or use any physical means of transportation such as cars, train, ship or airplane.

The metaverse itself is pretty much a teleportation given the fact that you’ll have to move into this virtual reality space while you’re physically at home. According to Mark Zuckerberg, while in the metaverse, users can create a space of their own and invite others to join.

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So practically, how will the teleportation feature work in Metaverse? Well, I’d like to call it an “Advance Video” conferencing and here is why.

How will Teleportation work in the Metaverse

You remember how we join Zoom meeting via a link but we’re doing that from our respective homes? Well, in the metaverse, instead of joining such meeting from our respective homes, we’ll actually be together in one space created by the host in the metaverse.

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Let’s say, the host created this party space or gaming space, then invite his/her friends to join in the party or playing the games. Now, the friends won’t physically be there but they’ll turn up using their virtual reality device and appear.

Since users will have their own avatar, the experience will feel so real that it seems they’re actually physically with the host in the space created by the host. While Meta is referring to this as a Teleportation, the right word is an “Advance Video” conferencing.

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It’s just another Video Conferencing using the more advance Virtual Reality Tech to amplify its experience. This can also be used for business and this means we don’t need to be at work all the time. A business owner can create an office space in metaverse, send the links to his employees and they’ll join from their respective homes.

This is just as simple as a click on a link in your browser. Once you click the link you’ll be in the space created and start having normal conversation as if you’re there with the person. But, what are the benefits of the Metaverse Teleportation?

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Benefits of Metaverse Teleportation

  1. Host can create any type of space he feels like creating. The only limitation is his/her imagination
  2. Employees don’t have to be stuck in traffic or travel through dangerous route to attend a business meeting. They can do so from home.
  3. A friend can invite you to a concert or party anywhere in the world
  4. Flight ticket, bus ticket, train tickets will be converted to data for streaming. This might not necessarily be cheaper but it’s definitely more convenient.
  5. This can also mean better environment as people will travel less often and less carbon dioxide will be released. It can actually be good news for our environment.
  6. Meetings can be held at an instant by just clicking a link (no long journeys)

Truth is, the concept of Teleportation is not entirely new. And it’ll be just another means of visually interacting with people just like we currently do with video calls. But the possibility that we can feel like we’re in same room takes it to the next level.

Tell us, what do you think about the Metaverse and the ideal of teleportation in the metaverse? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.



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