Following the controversy deletion of @MBuhari Tweet by Twitter, the Federal Government of Nigeria suspended Twitter indefinitely. About 12 hours after the official announcement, Twitter App and Web has stopped working in Nigeria.

There were mixed reactions to the press releases with most Nigerians and celebrities condemning the act of the government. While there are some who also supports the ban on Twitter.

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It seems the government have something else in stock too for its citizens. This is because just few hours after the press release regarding the Twitter ban/suspension, some top government officials started the promotion of it’s own social media platform called Crowee.

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Twitter Suspension
FG press release regarding Twitter App and Web suspension

It’s important to note that Nigeria is not the only country were Twitter and other social media is banned/suspended. Chinese (a Communist State) also banned the use of Twitter and Google in China. Replacing them with Weibo and Baidu respectively.

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While Nigeria might not be a Communist State, but it appears to be following in the footsteps of China.

As of the time of writing this article, the only way Nigerians can access Twitter is by using VPN. There is no update as to when the suspension on Twitter will be lifted by the Nigerian Government.

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So, as a Nigerian who loves using Twitter, go and get yourself a working VPN and change your location to allow you access your Twitter account.

Whichever way you look at it, the truth is Twitter has its rules and the Nigerian Government has its rules. Twitter enforced their community rule by deleting a tweet from the president of Nigeria and the president is reacting by suspending Twitter.

More updates regarding this will be released. Stay tuned.

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