Western Union Review: A lot of people experience issues while using money transfer apps and platforms. This leaves most confused on how to send money to their loved ones and in return receive money. Sending and receiving money can be stress-free and fast, but it depends on the money transfer app and platform you use.

In this Western Union review, I’ll explain what Western Union is, how easy it is to use, its transfer charges, its legality, and its safety. Western Union has stood the test of time but is it the best international money transfer app out there?

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Western Union Review

What Is Western Union?

Western union is one of the oldest and largest money transfer app or platform that offers multinational financial services. It’s used to receive and send money to over 200 countries. Western union has stood the test of time as that one money transfer app that has been around since 1851.

Western Union is an American multinational financial services company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, United States. It was founded in 1851 by Ezra Cornell, Samuel L. Selden, Jeptha Wade and Hiram Sibley. The CEO of Western Union as at date of writing this article is Devin B. McGranahan who took over from Hikmet Erset towards the end of 2021.

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It is that money transfer platform you can use to send money to your loved ones in virtually any part of the world. Western Union is globally accepted. It covers a wide range of countries between different continents. Western union is one of the best to transfer or receive large sums of money across the world.

What is Western Union Used For?

The services of Western Union can be used for:

  1. Send money to someone outside your country e.g. from the United States to Kenya, from Ghana to United Kingdom and vice versa.
  2. Western union can be used to receive money
  3. Western union is not an online wallet so you are expected to collect your money the moment you receive the money.

Is Western Union Easy To Use

Western union is very easy to use while sending or receiving money around the globe. You can either transfer using the Western Union app or make the transfer in person via their agents close to you.

It is not only easy to use but also offers different options. For example, if you want the money to be in form of cash, there is an avenue for cash pickup. Transfers made via western union can also be instant. It offers multiple payment methods for its users.

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When you send money via western union, it allows you to track your transfer on their app till your recipient gets hold of the money. Western union also allows it’s users to easily view the exchange rates on the app. It allows you to save your recipient’s details, this helps to easily get access to the data while sending to the same recipient again.

Western Union Transfer Charges

Western union transfer fees vary depending on the country and the currency. It has a tool on their website called the price estimator. This tool is used to find out how much a transfer would cost you. You just have to enter the amount, the currency and the destination for the transfer to find out.

Is Western Union Legal

Yes, Western Union is legal. It is also a safe way to send and receive money in more than 200 countries around the world. Western Union is a registered company in the United States. Some local banks in your country also serves as Western Union agents.

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Is Western Union Safe and Secure

Western union being one of oldest money transfer app and is still in use shows you how safe and secure it is to use the transfer platform. Western union is a safe platform to send and receive money. It even allows you track your money while it is being sent until the recipient receives the money.

This helps to reduce fraud as the whole transfer process is transparent. It also has a secure security system that helps to protect user’s information. But, all your transfer information and account details must be kept safe. So avoid doing things that compromises the security of your Western Union account.

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Why Use Western Union

It is not only about being the oldest, it is also one of the most flexible transfer money system. It gives you an avenue to transfer and receive money through different means, be it through bank accounts, mobile wallets and other worldwide outlets.

There is also an avenue for cash pickup, which has been welcomed by many, that is to say if you don’t have an account, you can easily opt to pick up the cash sent to you. Apart from the above reasons, there are other reasons why you might want to use Western Union.

They includes:

  • Western union allows you to track your transfers in their app.
  • It has price estimator that allows you to see your transfer fees.
  • Its services are quick, reliable and convenient.
  • Western union is one of the best for sending large sum of money.
  • Their app has different features that helps to ensure seamless transfers.
  • The app is not just for money transfers, it can be used to pay bills as well.
  • It is accepted globally which means you can send and receive money from basically anywhere in the world.

This Western Union review, has shown the benefits of using Western Union for your transfers. It has also highlighted how fast, reliable, and how it provides different payout methods. Its operations are transparent, it has no hidden fees, and offers quick transfers.

Western Union is not the only money transfer options out there. And Western Union is not the very best international money transfer app available today but sure ranks among the top 5. If you ask me, Western Union is one of the good ones.

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