If there is one word that is closely related to tech then it has to be innovation. We are gradually seen different phone factors everyday but it seems the tech world is just getting started. Xiaomi just teased a futuristic no Ports smartphone with a Quad Curved Waterfall display.

This new Xiaomi concept design will definitely shape the future if it come into reality.

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What is Quad Curved Waterfall display?

A phone is said to have a Quad Curved Waterfall Display when the display of the phone falls to all four sides of the phone. This means that, the display flows from all four sides of the smartphone just like the flow of water.

It means somewhere in the future, we might see a phone without charging port with its screen falling to all fours sides of the phone.

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Still confused? Well, maybe the concept video below will help clear things up.

What can we take from the above update from Xiaomi? One, future phones will utilize wireless charging and the era of no charger in the box just got started (thanks or no thanks to Apple).

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Two, the idea of having a phone with a display that flows to all sides is pretty cool. Samsung did something similar with the sides of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. But, with this new concept video from Xiaomi, they are taking it three steps further.

Quad Curved Waterfall Display

So far, we’ve had the Foldable phones and the Flip phones which have improved over the years.

Well, how will this new Xiaomi concept phone function? It will be just like regular phone. Major differences will be that it has no Ports and the display falling like water on all sides of the phone.

Quad Curved Waterfall Display

Will it run Android OS, most likely. From the concept video released by Xiaomi, this phone still has camera bump at the back. But, there is no punch hole for a selfie camera which leaves the room for an under display camera imagination.

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When will this phone be released? there is no date as its just a concept design. It’s even possible that it might not be released.

For the record, not everyone likes the curved side display. But, would you buy this type of phone in the future? What do you think about a futuristic no Ports smartphone with a Quad curved Waterfall display?

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