If you are reading this post it means you are curios with regards to the state of 5G network in Nigeria. How i wish the answer was that simple and i could just give you an answer in to simple sentences. But, its a little more and I’m here to help you understand the state of things.

More 5G phones are be launched in Nigeria when there is currently no mobile service operator providing 5G connectivity. If you ask the average Nigerian if he needs 5G, his response will be, We don’t even have stable 4G network yet, why will i need 5G?

So, what did some research and found out some few interesting things about 5G network in Nigeria and its only fair we share our findings with you guys.

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Why there is delay in Commercial 5G Network in Nigeria

There are two reasons why there is currently no commercial 5G network in the country. First is the NCC. Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) is the regulatory body that provide set of rules and regulations for internet service providers and mobile service operators in the Nigeria.

As at the time of writing this article, there is no regulations or modalities put in place by NCC for Mobile Service Operators and Internet Service Providers in the country to make use of 5G. Simply put, NCC have not given these companies the go ahead to commercialize 5G in the country.

We know this from the chat we had with an MTN Nigeria and below a screenshot of the response we got.

5G Network in Nigeria
CHAT with MTN FB Agent

From the above, we can’t tell why NCC is yet to give approval but we can be rest assure that when the timing is right they likely will. Which then bring up the second reason, Mobile Service Providers (MSP) and Internet Service Providers (ISP).

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The second reason why commercial 5G in Nigeria will be delayed is the fact that most of the MSP and ISP are yet to get the infrastructure required to set up 5G. In fact, among the four major MSP and ISP in the country, only MTN Nigeria actually tested 5G in selected states last year.

Our chat with 9Mobile also confirmed this. In the chat, they responded quite frankly that 9Mobile don’t currently have 5G network anywhere in the country. See screenshot of chat below.

5G Network in Nigeria
CHAT with 9Mobile FB Agent

So to summarize the above, NCC approval and no 5G infrastructure is major reasons for delay of commercial 5G in Nigeria.

Are There 5G Phones in Nigeria?

The simple answer is YES. There at the least 2 brands with 5G phones in Nigeria. There is the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G from Xiaomi and there is also 5G phones released by Nokia into the country.

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Will 5G Phones Work in Nigeria?

Yes. Aside from the 5G feature there are other features such as camera, software, chipset, speakers etc that is available in the device. If you buy a 5G phone in Nigeria now, you might not be able to use the 5G but you can use other features of the phone.

Where can i get 5G Phone in Nigeria?

You can buy from any local store that has 5G phone for sale. Note that most companies bring the non 5G version of their phone to the country currently. You can reach me on +2348131219576 (WhatsApp only) if you need help making such purchase.

How Much does 5G phone cost in Nigeria?

It depends on how much the company is selling and dollar price. A rise in dollar price usually means rise in prices of phones in Nigeria. But at an estimate, you can a working 5G phone anywhere from 200,000 Naira.

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Can i Order 5G Phone from Abroad?

Yes and its also more affordable compare to the prices in Nigeria. However you have to be careful as most 5G phones from abroad are locked. You should use my contact details above to reach me if you need assistance.

When Will 5G be in Nigeria?

For now there is no precise answer to this question. NCC still have job to do and MSP and ISP in the country still needs to prepare as they await white flags from NCC.

To be honest, of all three parties involve in 5G availability it seems only Mobile phone manufacturing companies are ready. So, before the fourth quarter of 2021 we are hoping 5G will start taking some real shape in Nigeria.

In conclusion, the commercial use of 5G in Nigeria will still take some time come into maturity. For now, you’ll have to do without 5G devices or get a 5G device without using the 5G feature.

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