Just when we have seen the end of leaks after the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro leaks, well here come the leak of Android 12. Thanks to @Jon_Prosser, we now have idea of some changes Android 12 is bringing.

To be fair, Android 11 is really good but there are areas where upgrade is required. And it seems the incoming Android 12 will be bringing some of these changes.

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Among the changes spotted on the leak is a new notifications widget, new weather widget and new clock widget. But there is also the issue of security which we’ll talk about at the end of this article.

Android 12 Leak new Features

From the short promo video, the Android 12 is coming with a bigger clock at the middle. Then there will also be a small notification widget at the top left. The notification will show you a summary of number of what you’ve missed. And swiping down the screen as usual will show you all the notifications.

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There is also a new weather that looks really cool. With these much widgets available, customizing your device screen in Android 12 will be more fun.

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We also spotted what seen like a new keyboard from the promo video. That is not all, the WiFi, hotspot and top panel is getting some new interesting changes.

Again, all these is not officially confirmed which means some few changes can still take place. This because so much can be cupped out of a very short promo video. Now to the issue of security and data privacy.

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Apple has taken privacy policy and data collection to a new level and the likes of Facebook is no happy with them. With the new Android 12 coming, we expect Android to join Apple iOS in this.

While there is no official news yet, but if Android is updating its security and privacy level for users in the new Android OS, it’s only fair if it includes new rules for data collection.

There so much more we don’t know about the incoming Android 12 yet. But as usual, with time more details will surface. So stay tune for more news updates.

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