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How to activate 2FA security in

Activate 2FA security in If you a user, security must and should be top of the priority for you. This is because, if you don’t help keep your account safe, you digital assets might not be safe. And one of the best way to improve your account security is by activating 2FA.

Before we get into how to activate 2FA security in, it’s good we explain what 2FA security means, its importance and how its used in For those who already knows what 2FA security is, you can skip to the section below to see how to activate it in your account.

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What is 2FA

2FA is the acronym for Two-factor authentication (2FA) and Google refer to this type of authentication as 2-step verification. It is a security system that requires two separate, distinct forms of verification before a user can gain to access something. The first factor can be the user password or PIN and the second factor can be a text sent to user phone or email. The second factor could also be an automatically generated PIN.

Importance of 2FA for users requires 2FA security to be enabled in all accounts before users can make withdrawals. This is very important as this extra security makes it very difficult for someone else to have access and withdraw your funds.

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Even when someone else have access to your password and PIN, the person still can’t make withdrawals without the 2FA. So, if you don’t already have 2FA enabled in your App, now is the time to activate 2FA in your account.

How to Activate 2FA security in

  1. Open the App. You can create a free account if you don’t already have one
  2. Click the Gear icon at the top left corner (settings)
  3. Select 2-Factor Authentication from the list
  4. Toggle on the Enable 2FA option
  5. Now go to your App store and install Google Authenticator App. But recommend you install the App name Authy
  6. Copy the code and go to your Google Authenticator or Authy App, click on the Add button, select enter a setup key, enter your name and paste the code you copied.
  7. Click the Add button on the Authenticator app
  8. Read and follow any onscreen instructions and its done.
  9. Go back to your app and click Proceed to Verify button (See gallery below)

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How to use Google Authenticator and Authy App in

With any of the 2FA app installed and linked to your account, you can now use the App. Anytime you want to make a withdrawal to external wallet or wants to add a wallet address, after entering your password, will request for 2FA code. Just go to your 2FA app and type in the code you see on the screen.

Note that if the code is time based, you have about 30 seconds to use code. This is because the code will change after 30 seconds and a new 2FA code will be automatically generated. so, you have to use the code before the time runs out.

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How to turn on Fingerprint Authentication on App
  1. Open the App
  2. Go to Settings (the gear icon at the top left corner)
  3. Under security, Toggle on Enable Fingerprint Authentication

With the recent user complaints of unauthorize users withdrawing funds from accounts, it’s wise you turn on 2FA for your account as extra security. You can also help to keep your account safe by following the security tips below:

How to keep your Account safe

  1. Update to the latest App
  2. Only sign into your account from a trusted device
  3. Enable 2FA security (follow the steps above)
  4. Keep your account details safe (username, email, password, and PIN)
  5. Don’t allow anyone access to your device
  6. Quickly report any suspicious activity on your account to team

So, this is how to can activate 2FA security in and add extra layer of security for your Account. If you have any issues, you can contact support team for help.



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