Every financial and crypto platform is prone to online attack or hack and it seem crypto.com is having a taste of it right now. Today for the first time, Crypto.com has paused all withdrawal activities on its platforms to investigate possible hack on its platform.

This update is coming after series of crypto.com users complained about unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts. Some of these withdrawals were also made even on accounts with 2FA security active.

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One twitter Crypto.com wrote “We have a small number of users reporting suspicious activity on their accounts. We will be pausing withdrawals shortly, as our team is investigating. All funds are safe“.

Turning to the comment section, there were lots of crypto.com users complaining about unauthorize withdrawals from their account.

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One users responded, “I messaged yah guys hours ago about my account having 4.28ETH stolen out of nowhere and I’m also wondering how they got passed the 2FA?

Another user said, “My wallet was just hacked. 0.27 bitcoin withdraws 7 times in my account. WTH is going on?“.

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Still some users came to show support for Crypto.com. Some confirming how the company takes security seriously and others commending the platform for its transparency.

A users said, “People should just chill out and wait. I worked with these folks before in the past and they are pretty serious about security. Still remember back in 2017/2018 when exchanges were getting hacked. They were the one shop willing to pay top dollar and look for better protection“.

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And another user also said, “Nice, you transparency that make us feel safe investing in your platform“. There were lots of users that shares the sentiments of the last two users.

For now, crypto.com has paused all withdrawals activities on its platform to investigate the possible hack threat. We hope to see feedback from the company soon. But note that, crypto.com is not the only cryptocurrency platform that is targeted by hackers.

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However, its a good thing that the crypto platform is working to make sure its users are safe and secure. This is the first time crypto.com users has reported a possible hack threat on the platform.

Tips to keep your Crypto.com Account secure

  1. Update to the latest Crypto.com App
  2. Only sign into your crypto.com account from a trusted device
  3. Enable 2FA security (see post: How to activate 2FA security in Crypto.com)
  4. Keep your account details safe (username, email, password, and PIN)
  5. Don’t allow anyone access to your device
  6. Quickly report any suspicious activity on your account to crypto.com team

For now, your digital assets are safe with crypto.com but to increase security, you should update to the new Crypto.com mobile App and keep the safe tips above in mind.


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