WorldRemit Review: WolrdRemit is one of the many International Money Transfer Apps/platform you can use to send money abroad. But, just like every other transfer apps out there, the question of safety and legit is on the table.

So, is it safe to transfer money abroad using WorldRemit? Is WorldRemit even a legal financial company? Well let’s find out from this review of WorldRemit.

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WorldRemit Review

About WorldRemit

WorldRemit Review

Worldremit is an online money transfer company that is focused on sending money from one country to another. With the services of WorldRemit, you can send money from anywhere in Europe to anywhere in Africa or Asia.

The services of Wordlremit is available in over 130 countries and over 70 currencies. It has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom and was founded in 2010 by Ismail Ahmed, Richard Igoe and Catherine Wines. As at 2021, it has over 848 employees. The current CEO of WorldRemit is Breon Corcoran.

Worldremit also provides you with tools to track your money when making international transfers. Its services covers lots of countries including: South Africa, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, United States of America, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya etc.

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Is Worldremit Easy To Use

The Worldremit platform is very easy to use. Be it the website or Mobile App. All you have to do is click buttons, fill in details and it’s done. You can send money using your debit card, credit card, prepaid options or even do a direct bank transfer.

Sending money from worldremit is pretty easy and receiving the money is relatively fast. In some cases, it takes 10 minutes to receive money (in some apps it takes up to 3.5 business days).

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Worldremit Transfer Charges

Worldremit charges low fees for small transfers. To get to know your transfer fees, you do that on the worldremit site by setting up your transaction and your transfer costs would be shown.

Usually the transfer fees depends on the currency, your transfer amount, how you choose to fund the transfer and the payout method. Worldremit also has favorable rates, these rates are higher than interbank rates.

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Is Worldremit Legal

Yes, WorldRemit is legal. It is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 and Electronic Money Regulations 2011. WorldRemit is a fully licensed money transfer service provider. It is registered in London, United Kingdom and has its financial regulatory body in the same place.

Is Worldremit Safe and Secure

Using Worldremit is safe as there has been no known data breach or successful hacks recorded over the years. But the safety of your account also depends much on you the user.

For example, you have to keep your log in details such as email, password, PIN, and security questions safe. You can also turn on 2 factor authentication to help secure your account.

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Why Use Worldremit

There are couple of reasons why you should consider using Worldremit for your international transfers. They includes:

  •  It offers different methods of payment to its users depending on your choice.
  •  It has a fast track of payments record.
  •  It offers transfers at bank- beating rates which other transfer app doesn’t.
  •  It can be used for personal and business purposes.
  •  Worldremit sends you a notification via SMS when the money has reached your recipient, this helps to ensure success of your transaction.
  •  It offers many ways to fund your account.
  •  It charges low transfer fees.
  •  Worldremit has a wide range of countries that use its services, this means you can send or receive money through it from that loved one, business partner, from most places around the world.
  •  With worldremit you can send/transfer money anywhere in the world at your convenience using your smartphone.
  •  Researches has shown that worldremit costs are 25% cheaper than most other money transfer apps.

So, this is our review for WorldRemit money transfer platform. In a case where you are confused on which money transfer platform to choose you can try out WorldRemit.

WorldRemit offers fast track of payments, can be used for both personal and business purposes, charges low fees, it covers a wide range of country so you get to send money and receive money from most places in the world.

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