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Apple New Smartwatches bring Important updates to users

Apple New Smartwatches: Apple has announced the next generations of its smartwatches. This year, the Apple Watch lineup includes the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2, and the Apple Watch Ultra. These watches are coming with some new features and some major updates.

If you own an Apple watch or any other smartwatch, you should be familiar with the basic fitness and health features of smartwatches. In addition to these features, Apple has introduced some other new features to its Watch lineup with the Watch Series 8 and Watch Ultra getting two new features. If you missed the just concluded Apple event, here are the new features coming to the new Apple watches.

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Apple New Smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 is getting a very nice and neat display. It’s still swim-proof, dustproof, and scratch resistant. It still has fitness and health features such as sleep tracking, blood rate, keeping a record of fitness, heart rate, etc. But, Apple has included two new features with one mainly for women.

For the first time, the new Apple Watch Series 8 now has a cycle tracking feature. This new feature assists women in keeping track of their ovulation. This new feature will be very useful for women to maintain better work life, family life, and health balance. If for some reason a user forgets or needs a record of her ovulation, the Apple Watch Series 8 will have the data handy.

According to Apple, the new Watch Series 8 will be checking users’ samples blood temperature every 5 seconds. And this frequent tracking will make it possible for the Watch Series 8 to get a more accurate reading of the health of users. Another big update comes in the safety detection feature of the Watch Series 8. Before now, there have been safety features such as fall detection but Apple for the first time; Apple is introducing the CRASH DETECTION feature.

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The CRASH DETECTION feature will make it possible for your Watch Series 8 to detect when a user is in a severe car crash and notify emergency services for help. Apple studied various vehicle impacts (front, side, rear, and rollover impacts) to help the Watch Series 8 accurately detect car crashes. The CRASH DETECTION feature in the Watch Series 8 will work when in passengers’ cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Apple Watch series 8 infographics

As per the battery life, the Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to give users 18hrs battery life and if you toggle on the LOW POWER MODE, you can get up to 36hrs in a single charge. The price of the Apple Watch Series 8 is $399 for the GPS version while the GPS + Cellular version will be sold for $499. Users also get three months of fitness plus for free. You can place an order for either version of the Apple Watch Series 8 now but it will start shipping out on September 16th.

Apple Watch Series 8Price
Buy on Amazon$399.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£419.00
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€499.00

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Apple Watch SE 2

Apple Watch SE 2 is the second generation of the Watch SE and is also the cheaper version of the Apple Watch Series 8 but also gets some of its impressive features. Just like the Watch Series 8, the Apple watch SE will also be getting the Crash Detection feature for the first time along with features such as low and high heart rate notifications.

Apple Watch SE 2

There is also a family setup option that allows parents to set up an Apple Watch SE 2 for their children who don’t yet own an iPhone. These children can call selected contacts and have access to selected features as assigned to them via the Watch SE 2 by the parent. Features such as HOME MAP and HOME KIT that allow Watch SE 2 users to use HOME Automation are coming to the device soon.

The price of the Apple Watch SE 2 is $249 for the GPS model while the GPS + Cellular model will sell for $299. You can order the device now but shipping will start on September 16th.

Apple Watch SE 2Price
Buy on Amazon$249.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£259.00
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€299.00

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Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is a rugged smartwatch that is meant to survive in extreme conditions and thus is also the most sophisticated and expensive Apple watch of 2022. The battery of the Watch Ultra can last you for 36hrs that can also be optimized to give you 60hrs of use and gets up to 2000 nit of peak brightness. But, there is even more about this device.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra is designed for those who are in harsh terrain or visit harsh regions. This watch is made of materials that make it able to survive in freezing and hottest regions. It comes with a dual frequency GPS system (L1 and L5) for more accurate GPS readings. The dual frequency GPS system makes it possible for the GPS system of the Watch Ultra to be more accurate even in difficult regions like areas with high buildings.

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For triathletes, Watch Ultra can keep a record of tracking segments. It also has a compass waypoint and backtracks feature. The compass waypoint and trackback feature are automatically turned on and this helps you to retrace your track if you feel you’ve lost track. There is also an 86-decibel siren alert system to alert others of your location. Apple also partnered with Huish Outdoors to bring the Oceanic Plus app to the Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Oceanic Plus app is specifically useful to divers because, with this app, divers will be able to get dive metrics, safety warnings, decompression limits, safety stop notifications, etc. all on the Apple Watch Ultra. Data and GPS from the Oceanic Plus app sync well to the iPhone and cloud and users can easily share their adventure with family, friends, and the diving community. The price of the Apple Watch Ultra is $799 and it’ll be available on September 23rd.

Apple Watch UltraPrice
Buy on Amazon$799.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£849.00
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€999.00

For the Apple Watch Series 8 and Watch SE 2, Apple has introduced a new ovulation tracking feature for women’s ovulation and crash detection for safety. While the Apple Watch Ultra now has a dual frequency GPS system, 86 decibel siren alert system, and support for the Oceanic Plus app.



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