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Apple to let EU Residents Add Covid-19 Vaccine Certificates to Wallet App soon

The ability to be able to Add Cobid-19 Vaccine certificate in the Wallet App on Apple iPhones has been available in the US and Canada for a while now (since iOS 15.1). And it seems Apple is set to bring same feature to EU residents in its upcoming Apple iOS 15.4.

Apple has started working on the beta of iOS 15.4 and one of the major software update highlight is that it will allow for COVID-19 vaccination records in the EU Digital COVID Certificate format to be added to the Health and Wallet apps.

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According to Federico Viticci, editor-in-chief at MacStories, it’s now partially possible for EU residents to use this feature in the iOS 15.4 beta. He was able to add his Italian vaccination record to the Health app, but not the Wallet app.

The release notes from Apple shows that EU Digital COVID Certificates issued by Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Cape Verde, North Macedonia, and Palestine also currently can’t be verified or added to the Wallet app on the iOS 15.4 beta.

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This means that when Apple finally rolls out the iOS 15.4 update, users from those regions will be able to EU Digital COVID Certificate to the Health and Wallet apps by doing the following:

  1. Opening the Camera app
  2. Scan the certificate’s QR code
  3. Tap on the yellow Health app notification that appears
  4. Tap the “Add to Wallet & Health” button

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In the Wallet app, Vaccine cards shows the following details:

  1. The person’s name
  2. The type of vaccine they received
  3. The date that each dose was administered
  4. The issuer
  5. Digitally signed QR code

More detailed immunization records are accessible through the Health app.

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With the ability to add EU Digital COVID Certificates on iOS 15.4, the feature will expand to a long list of countries in Europe, including Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and others.






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