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10 Best Samsung Phones in 2024: Top Samsung Smartphones to Buy

Best Samsung Phones in 2024: These are the top 10 Samsung Smartphones to buy in 2024. From the flagship Galaxy S series to the most affordable Galaxy A series. And of course, the Galaxy foldables are not to be forgotten. Samsung phones can get up to 7 years of software updates which is one major reason to consider buying them. Let’s dive into it below.

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10 Best Samsung Phones in 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (Overall Best)
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra European Pricing

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra needs no introduction. It’s the most popular and most advanced piece of tech Samsung has ever made. The camera is one of the best, the display is 120Hz AMOLED with a stylus in-built and support, the performance is superb, the battery life is great, the software is excellent, and more. Everything about this phone is perfect.

Buy Galaxy S24 UltraPrice
Buy on Amazon$1,299.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£1,249.00
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€1,449.00
Samsung Galaxy A55 (Best Mid-range)
Samsung Galaxy A55 Specs

Samsung Galaxy A55 is one of the best mid-range smartphones in the market. It comes with a decent 5G performance that is fast and reliable. The display is Super AMOLED with 120Hz refresh rate. It has a flagship IP67 water and dust-resistant. The battery life is decent and the camera is sharp while also booting the latest Android 14 software out of the box with up to 5 years of OS support.

Samsung Galaxy A15 5G (Best Budget 5G)
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G Price in Nigeria

For under $200, you can get the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G smartphone. It comes with a super AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. The camera is 50MP and it runs Android 14 software out of the box with up to 4-5 years of OS updates in view. More so, it has a lasting battery life. And lastly, the performance is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ chipset.

Samsung Galaxy A05 (Best Budget 4G)
Samsung Galaxy A05 Price in Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy A05 is the most affordable smartphone on this list. It is budget friendly costing just $120. The camera is decent, the battery lasts long, the software is Android 13 with 3 years of OS upgrade in view, the performance is 4G limited, and just about that.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (Best Foldable)

The Galaxy Z Fold5 was the most popular foldable smartphone last year. It sold more than any other foldable device in the market. The Galaxy Z Fold5 has an excellent camera system, it is durable and strong with IPX8 water resistance. The battery life is decent and the software experience is top-notch. More so, the performance is great “very fast”- thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.

Galaxy Z Fold 5Price
Buy on Amazon$1,799.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£1,749.00
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€1,899.00

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (Best Compact)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Price in UK

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is the best compact phone from the tech company. It can be folded and fit into any space or any size of pocket. It’s the lady’s favorite who likes minimalist designs. But aside from the design, the smartphone has an excellent performance and the camera is very good as well. I’ll highly recommend this to the ladies in the house they’d love it.

Galaxy Z Flip 5Price
Buy on Amazon$999.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£1,049.00
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€1,199.00
Samsung Galaxy A25 (Best Value for Money)
Samsung Galaxy A25 5G Price in Nigeria

This smartphone strikes the balance perfectly. It is not too expensive but yet it has great specs. The Galaxy A25 costs just $240 and it comes with a Super AMOLED 120Hz display. The battery life lasts long, it has a good camera, the software is Android 14 with up to 4-5 years of OS upgrades, and the performance is Exynos 1280 5G with decent performance. I’ll easily recommend this to anyone because of its value.

Samsung Galaxy S24+ (Best Alternative Flagship)
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Price in Nigeria

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S24+ if you know you can’t afford the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The Galaxy S24+ is the best alternative. It comes with an excellent camera setup and features the Galaxy AI software experience same as you get in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Unfortunately, the battery life is not as strong but still manageable for a day’s experience.

Buy Galaxy S24 PlusPrice
Buy on Amazon$1,099.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£999.00
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€1,149.00
Samsung Galaxy A54 (Best Deal)
Galaxy A54 Indian Pricing

Currently, the Galaxy A54 price has been discounted and this makes it a good time to get it. The performance is powered by the Exynos 1380 5G chipset, the battery life is good, and the software is Android 13 out of the box but can now be upgraded to Android 14. And the camera is spot on too.

Buy on Amazon(EUR)€489.00
Buy on Amazon(UK)£449.00

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Honorable Mentions
  • Samsung Galaxy S24
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy A35
  • Samsung Galaxy A15 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy A05s
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
Conclusion: 10 Best Samsung Phones in 2024

This list of the best Samsung phones in 2024 will be updated regularly to include subsequent Samsung releases. But let us know in the comments section which smartphone you think should have made the list.







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