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Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review and First Impression

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: The second edition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold will go on sale by September 18th and it’s huge. It’s huge because the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a big leap over the Galaxy Z Fold in every angle.

So, we all (at least we tech analyst) knew that the first version of the Galaxy Fold was a test. And like every test version, it came with some few challenges but now Samsung have gone back to the drawing board and come back with a better and upgraded version.

If you have seen the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Galaxy Z Fold held side by side, you’ll understand why every Galaxy Z Fold users needs to upgrade to the second edition right away. To clear your doubt, you should see the pictures below.

Front Galaxy
Screenshot 20200902 212410

This post is about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 review and why you should probably buy it (or not). We’ll talk about the paper specifications, it’s build quality and pricing.

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Let’s kick things off shall we. We’ll start with the internal specifications of the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Key Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Display: 6.2″ HD+ SUPER AMOLED, 60Hz, 7.6″ QXGA+ AMOLED, 120Hz

Build: Glass front, glass back, aluminum frame

OS: Android 10

Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+

GPU: Adreno 650

Battery: Non-removable 4500mAh
Charge Features: 25W fast charge, Reverse wireless charge, wireless charge


Internal Storage: 256GB (no space for microSD)

Rear Camera: 12MP (wide) + 12MP (ultrawide) + 12MP (telephoto)

Front Camera: 10MP

Interior Camera: 10MP

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: First Impression

Screenshot 20200902 213606 compress64

Humans always appreciate beautiful things and that is why we are misled most times. Our eyes can’t seem to go wander away from Beautiful things (guys would understand better).

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And Yes, when you see the Galaxy Z Fold 2 at first glance, chances are you’ll fall in love with the device. The device makes such a good first impression that you’d like to see what is inside.

You have same premium feel as holding the recently released Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This phones comes with same build material as the Note 20 Ultra only difference been that it is a foldable device.

It has a front screen which looks really premium on one side, then the back of the phone at another.

Opening the phone, you see how the small device easily transforms into a big display. It’s like the phone you holding right now transforming into a tablet right under your nose. Hey it’s no magic, it’s technology.

The screen can rotate 180° degrees which is fair enough. It’s a really thick phone especially when it’s folded.

Overall, you’ll like the phone from the very first time you set your eyes on it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: Display, Build and Design

Z Fold 2 display

The design of the device is pretty cool. You get the modern punch hole display (infinite O) place at the middle. Then there is this nice touch of glass that makes you just love holding the phone.

Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold of last year, the new Fold 2 uses the Ultra Thin Glass material which is better than plastic. Then we have a 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rate with a SUPER AMOLED display.

Over all, the design, build materials and display is on point too. All materials used here are very premium and it should be given the price of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: Camera

Z fold 2 camera

The phones comes with a total of 5 cameras. There is triple rear camera of 12 + 12 + 12MP. While we have a 10MP front camera and another 12MP interior camera.

There is 2x optical zoom for the 12MP telephoto of the rear camera. Other features includes, 4K video, gyro-EIS, OIS and steady video mode.

From the photos and videos so far, the rear and front camera is not that bad. Plus, you can also use the rear camera for selfie thanks to outside screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: Chipset, GPU and Software

Z Fold 2 gaming

We have the Snapdragon 865+ chipset to pilot the affairs of the new foldable device. This SOC from Qualcomm is their best chipset thus far.

Then there is the Adreno 650 that is overclocked to give you that extra boost in performance.

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Android 10 is available and this is even good considering that Samsung have announced three years of continuous Software Updates for this phone.

When it comes to chipset, GPU and Software, this phone is very solid. It takes care of gaming and heavy graphics with ease. You also have an in built 5G network as bonus thanks to the integrated 5G modem.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: RAM and Storage

A 12GB of RAM is good but a maximum of 256GB of non expandable storage is not so good.

For the price of this phone, a 512GB internal storage or an option for an expandable storage would have been better.

But it is what it is and you have to make use of what Samsung is offering.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: Battery

The phone comes with a Non-removable 4500mAh battery with 25W fast charge, wireless charge and reverse wireless charge feature enabled. We have to wait for live test to see how strong this battery actually is.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: Price

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is about $1,999. Which makes it the most expensive device thus far.

Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2?

It depends on how deep your pocket actually is. If you want to convert your unused $2,000 into a premium tech gadgets you’ll be using to watch movies and play games then buy the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

But, you should also note that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra offer even more for less.

Should You Upgrade from Galaxy Z Fold to Galaxy Z Fold 2?

Yes you should with immediate effect. When the Galaxy Z Fold 2 finally launch by September 18th, we’ll advice you ditch your Z Fold for the Z Fold 2.

You don’t want to be carrying a phone built in the 1970s with you while the more improved and beautiful 2020 model is available.

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Good thing is, Samsung always offer this trade in your phone option in their site. You can utilize this feature to pay less when buying the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.


So, what is our take on this new Samsung foldable device?

It’s a good phone for people who are willing to spend big to get it. It feels good, it has a more improved design, build materials and great chipset.

But, spending $2,000 to get it is not something we can tell you to do. We mean that is allot of money and except you have it to spend, buy the more affordable Galaxy Note 20 Ultra instead.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: Tell us what you think about the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 via your comment below.

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