Google Bard AI: OpenAI in collaboration with Microsoft is trying to change the way we perform internet searches. Google has been the giant search engine to date and they can’t just sit down and watch Microsft take over with Bing and Yahoo search. So, the Google Bard AI is Google’s response to Microsoft.

There are lots of things to unwrap when it comes to Google Bard. However, in this article, my focus will be on what is Google Bard AI, the importance of the new chatbot to Google search, its limitations, its future, and answers to some frequently asked questions about Google Bard.

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What is Google Bard AI?

Google Bard is an AI Chatbot that gives you instant answers to questions you ask. It’s a dialogue Chatbot where you ask questions and get instant answers as if you’re chatting with a human. It was created by Google and will be integrated into Google search. It was built using Google’s LaMDA technology (Language Mode for Dialog Applications).

Integrating Google Bard will change the way we do online search using Google Search. This means Google might not be recommending tons of websites for users to get answers. Instead, you can easily start a conversation with the Google Bard chatbot and it continuously gives you direct answers to your questions.

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Importance of Google Bard AI

One of the key importance of using the Google Bard Chatbot is speed. With Google Bard, you don’t have to go through a list of recommended websites before you get answers to your search query. Another reason why it’s important is that the AI chatbot can retain conversation and continue to give you answers based on your previous search query.

With Google Bard, the way searches are done on Google Search will be different. The traditional way to perform searches on Google search is, you go to Google Search, type in your query, and go through the recommended website links. If you need to perform a search related to the above query, you’ll have to search again. See the diagram below explaining the above scenario.

Google search flow

But with Google Bard, your search query on Google search will be different. You go to Google search, type in your search query, and instead of getting tons of recommended website links, Google bard gives you a precise answer. And you can continue the conversation with Bard and it’ll pick off from your previous query as if you’re having a normal conversation.

Google Bard AI

So, searches made on the Google Bard AI chatbot are not only faster but can also be continuous, unlike Google search. People will be able to use the Bard AI chatbot to write programming codes, complete project work, etc. In summary, below are why Google Bard is important:

  • The Bard AI from google will give you direct answers instead of recommending a list of website links
  • It can continue conversations and pick up from your previous question
  • Users can use it to write programming codes
  • It can also be used to write complete projects
  • It’ll make research easy as it gives you the exact information you need

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Limitations of Google Bard AI

The Google Bard chatbot is good but it still has its own limitations and some people might not like to use it for one of the following reasons:

  • It’ll give different users the same answers over and over again
  • Review information from Bard can not be relied on as it has no first-person experience
  • It gives off this lazy man vibe as most people will just copy and paste its answer instead of cross-checking if the data provided are accurate.
  • Not great for those in SEO because it potentially means people will rely more on Bard AI instead of websites
  • It’ll encourage copy and pasting which will increase the number of duplicate projects, articles, etc.

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What is the Future of Google Bard AI

Google Bard AI will be an integral part of Google Search in the future. As we move more toward the use of AI, this chatbot will be the way Google allows its users to use AI in its searches. The effects of this on SEO and website owners are yet to be confirmed but there will be a significant shift in our we do internet searches in the future and Google Bard will be in the middle of it.

Microsoft already invests billions of dollars in ChatGPT and Google has started testing the Google Bard AI. All these points to the fact that search engine powerhouses are moving towards implementing AI technology in their searches. And as with previous technology, ChatGPT and Google Bard will get better over the years.

Who Owns Google Bard AI?

Google Bard AI is created and owned by Google

Is Google Bard AI Free?

Yes. For now, Google Bard AI is free but this might change in the future.

Does Google Bard AI have an APP?

NO. Google Bard AI chatbot is a web-based application and thus has no App in the Google Play Store, Apple Store, Windows store, or Huawei App Gallery.

Google Bard is built using what technology?

Google Bard is built on Google’s LaMDA which is short for Language Mode for Dialog Applications. It is actually a lightweight version of LaMDA.

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