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iPhone vs Samsung Phone: Which is the better phone and why

Every phone user has been dragged into the iPhone vs Samsung phone debate at one point or another. Phone users in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe mostly have to choose between getting an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy phone.

There is no one way to just run the iPhone vs Samsung debate and say Samsung or Apple Inc makes better smartphones. So, to help you know which is better between an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy phone, we did a close comparison of phones made by both companies.

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In this article, we’ll focus on key features users need in a smartphone and share which is better. The features include design, durability, user experience, repairability, performance, battery, and price.

Quick Note: Phones made by Apple Inc are called iPhones and phones made by Samsung is called Galaxy phones.

iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy


The Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones have very different designs. Apple iPhones have big notches on the front, flat screens, and rear camera modules with three or fewer rings. While Samsung Galaxy phones have punch-holes, flat or curved screens, and rear camera modules with four or more camera sensors.

The designs of Apple iPhones are very similar but those of Samsung Galaxy phones vary depending on the category. For example, the design of the Apple iPhone 13 series looks similar but the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a different design compared to the Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22. But, the budget iPhone SE has one simple design, and the Galaxy A series also have similar designs.

So, when it comes to design, some people might prefer Samsung others the iPhones. It all comes down to user preference. However, those who want to use curved screen phones will have to choose the Galaxy S22 Ultra over the iPhone 13 Pro Max and vice versa.

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Everyone needs a phone that can survive a few falls and even survive when dipped underwater. And this is why the iPhone vs Samsung comparison takes us to durability. So, between Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones which are more durable. Let’s start with the build materials of these phones (Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are used for the durability comparison).

For example, the top models of the Apple iPhone are built with a Glass front (Gorilla Glass), glass back (Gorilla Glass), and stainless steel frame. While the top models of the Samsung Galaxy phones are built with a Glass front (Gorilla Glass Victus+), glass back (Gorilla Glass Victus+), and aluminum frame. These materials are all very strong and durable.

Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones are water and dustproof (rated IP 68). In addition to being water and dust-proof, the iPhone also features Scratch-resistant ceramic glass and oleophobic coating. While the Galaxy phone features an Armour aluminum frame with tougher drop and scratch resistance.

However, the low-entry Samsung smartphones do not have these top durability features and this is why these phones also cost thousands of dollars less. But, if you’re going for a premium Samsung Galaxy phone, just know that it’s as strong as a premium Apple iPhone.

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User Experience

The user experience on any iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone is different. This is because the Apple iPhone boot Apple iOS software while Samsung Galaxy phones boot One UI software based on Android OS. The app icons, settings, navigations, widgets, etc are different on these phones. Samsung Galaxy phones have an easier navigation system compared to the iPhone.

Another area of interest is that the top Samsung phone has support for S PEN while iPhone does not. This means that you can be more creative using a Samsung phone which is a good thing. But, when it comes to seamless connectivity and switching between apps, the iPhone is better than the Samsung.

One of the reasons for this is that Apple controls most of the things in the iPhone whereas Samsung uses a third-party operating system (Android) for its smartphone. Using/navigating a Samsung Galaxy phone is easier while using an Apple iPhone feels more smooth.

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Security and Privacy

Apple Inc is setting the standard for phone security in the industry. The iPhones no doubt have one of the best security you’ll see in a smartphone. But, Samsung Galaxy phones are not far behind. In fact, Samsung has recently bumped up its security system in addition to what the Android OS brings.

You can now see how much of your data is shared and how apps on your phone are collecting and using your private information. You can decide to restrict how often certain apps can access your data/information and even stop apps from accessing data. All these features are available on iPhones and Samsung phones.

Although the security on Samsung phones is incredible, Apple iPhones still have better security. Apple is in charge of what happens on the iPhones but because Samsung uses a third-party OS, the company can’t enforce some security measures. A typical example is that it’s easier for you to download and install apps on Samsung phones from outside the App Store/Google Playstore.

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If you love taking photos and shooting videos, you’ll enjoy using Apple iPhones and Samsung phones. The quality of photos and videos from the cameras of these phones is incredible. It’s no wonder the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 Ultra are always among the list of the best camera phones of every year.

But, there are some differences. The cameras of the iPhones are at their best when shooting videos while those of Samsung phones are best when taking photos. For example, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has two telephoto lenses and one of these lenses is capable of 100x optical zoom. While the iPhone 13 Pro Max has ProRes and Cinematic mode features when shooting videos.

This is not to say that the iPhone is bad at taking photos and Samsung phones are bad at shooting videos. There are lots of camera features you can play with when using the cameras of an iPhone and a Samsung phone. If you need a camera phone, any top-end Samsung phone or Apple iPhone is just what you need.

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It’s time to talk about the performance of Apple iPhones and Samsung phones in this iPhone vs Samsung comparison. To begin, it’s very important to note that both phones have incredible performance. Running Geekbench and AnTuTu tests show that the iPhones and Samsung phones are the best phones in the world (we used iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 Ultra for this test).

When it comes to playing games and rendering high graphics, both phones are just incredible but Apple iPhones have better performance, and here is why. iPhones are powered by the A Bionic chip that is produced by Apple Inc while Samsung phones are powered by chipsets from third-party like Qualcomm and MediaTek.

For example, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip from Qualcomm while the iPhone 13 Pro max is powered by the A15 Bionic chip from Apple Inc. This means that the operating system and chip are made by Apple itself And this means Apple can optimize the chipset to work more effectively with the OS installed in the iPhone.

Although Samsung did a fantastic job of using the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, it is still not as efficient as the iPhone. Samsung is using a third-party OS and a third-party chipset, unlike Apple Inc.

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Apple iPhones were not known for their battery strength. But, the company has improved the battery life of the iPhones over the past years. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has better battery life than the Galaxy S22 Ultra but the battery life of most Samsung phones is better than those of most iPhones.


The ease to repair a phone is one of the things that justifies a good smartphone. Right now, it’s very difficult and expensive to repair an Apple iPhone. Even after launching its Self Service Repair program, Apple Inc still software lock its iPhones making them nearly impossible to repair without the company itself.

iPhone 13 display repair

Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that Samsung phones are very easy to repair but I guess it’s a case of choosing between the less of two evils. What makes Apple iPhone worse to repair is that the screen, FaceID, and camera sensors, are all software locked to a particular iPhone.

This means you can’t remove a screen from one iPhone 13 and use it as a replacement for another iPhone 13. So if ease of repair is something you consider, you might want to look the way of a Samsung phone first.

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Price and Affordability

The top-end models of the Apple iPhones and Samsung phones are priced above $1,000. But you can get the lower top models of iPhone and Samsung phones starting from $700. The cheapest Apple iPhone is the iPhone SE series which is priced at about $450 while the cheapest Samsung phone is the Galaxy A0 series priced at about $150.

On the premium end, there is little to no difference in the prices of iPhones and Samsung phones. But, as we go down the pile, you’ll see that Samsung phones are mostly more affordable because of the various options available.

To round up this iPhone vs Samsung post, see the table below detailing the similarities and differences

iPhone vs Samsung

ChipsetA BionicSnapdragon
GPUApple GPUAdreno
Arm Mali
CPU ArchitectureAvalancheCortex
Touch ID
Face Unlock


Apple iPhones are better than Samsung phones when it comes to security, seamless integration, and performance. But Samsung phones are better when it comes to user experience, ease of use, battery life, and repairability. Both phones are tied when it comes to camera and durability.

The top models of the iPhones and Samsung phones have similar pricing but Samsung has more affordable phones in its lineup. As far as there is the comparison of iPhone vs Samsung, some people will prefer one over the other but if you buy the top models of these phones, getting the value for money spent is guaranteed.



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