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New Apple TV 4K Price, features, goes for $179

The new Apple TV 4K price is $179. This second generation model media player comes with A12 Bionic chipset support, new remote, and smart color calibration features.

Apple’s own designed silicon- the A12 Bionic chipset, powers the new Apple TV 4K media player. This was the same chipset that supported the iPhone XS and XR series some years back. With this new upgrade, the Apple TV 4K can now playback 4K HDR video in 60fps.

Also, with the A12 Bionic chipset on board, users can now AirPlay their 4K 60fps Dolby Vision videos that was shot on their iPhone 12, directly to the Apple TV 4K. Smooth, awesome and easy experience it is!

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Apple TV 4K Price and Availability

The new Apple TV 4K price is $179 and starting from Friday, April 30, it will be available for order. However, you won’t get it immediately until second half of May. It will be available in more than 30 countries across America, China and Asia.

And for those interested in the the old Apple TV HD, who can’t afford the new Apple TV 4K for some reasons. The good news is that, Apple would be selling the old Apple TV HD with the new Siri Remote for $149.

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Apple Siri Remote

At the Spring Loaded event today, Apple also announced a new Siri Remote that is compatible with current Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD models. The purpose of this new remote is to enhance user experience.

The new Siri Remote is easy and simple to use + it can be purchased independently for $59.





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