Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Rumor has it that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best Android Phone starting 2021. Maybe that phone is overrated, maybe it’s just a hype or maybe it’s a Samsung market strategy to sell the phone?

Well, we made a full review of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and you’d be surprised how good this device is. For the records, the version we reviewed is the global version with Exynos 2100 chipset inside. But even at that, it’s quite interesting the value the phone offers.

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In Nigeria, the phone will cost you about 580,000 Naira for the 12GB RAM and 128GB Internal storage. And you can buy from SES NIGERIA online or from their local store near you.

While all the features of this phone is very impressive, the Exynos 2100 chipset had some tremendous improvement and the camera is in a league of its own.

Galaxy S21 Ultra design

All these and more is what we’ll be sharing with you below. We also included the full review video on our YouTube Channel. You can also watch it from the embedded video at the bottom of this post.

Now let’s get started with the review of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Design and Display

This phone is quite big and it’s no surprising because it had a 6.8 inch big display. The display is not too curved to the sides which is a good thing as your hands won’t interfere when using the display.

There is also a Refresh Rate up to 120Hz and using the display seems so smooth and fast. You also get a Gorilla Glass Victus protection.

Galaxy S21 Ultra refresh

The build of the phone is glass back, glass front and aluminium frame. It’s camera module is designed to flow circles round the phone which gives it that artistic feel.

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And the simple punch hole at the front of the camera is very cool. It’s not too big and it fits just right into place. Overall, the design of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is dope but the big display means it’s not that suitable for one hand operations.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Battery and Software

There is a 5000mAh battery to power the device with lots of charging features. You’ll enjoy wireless charge and reverse wireless charge. This battery will last you up to 8 hours of usage with 120Hz refresh rate turn on.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Battery

The fact that the refresh rate switches between 10-120Hz makes it even more cool. It saves you battery and the new Exynos chipset power efficiency core does a very good job.

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In the software category, the phone runs Android 11 out of the box paired with Samsung One UI skin software. You’ll get a pretty smooth user experience when using the device.

Galaxy S21 Ultra software

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Chipset, CPU and Performance

The phone is powered by the new Samsung Exynos 2100 and it’s surprisingly good. Unlike the previous generation of Exynos chipset, Samsung fixed almost everything that was the problem in previous Exynos chipset generation.

The CPU core is clocked at 3.0GHz and coupled with the Mali GPU, this phone offers incredible gaming experience. Then there is the triple ISP that can help you record videos from three cameras simultaneously.

With the ISP, you don’t have to switch between cameras to record videos. It’s as if the chipset is made for the phone and it provides such an awesome feeling when using the phone.

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The time we spent playing games with the device shows that you’ll enjoy using it. There is no such thing as lagging behind. You won’t also have to worry allot about heat as the Exynos efficiency core does a pretty good job at keeping the phone temperature low.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Review: RAM and Camera

There is 12GB of RAM and also 16GB of RAM which is just more than enough for multi-tasking. And there is 128GB and/or 512GB internal storage which is enough to hold your files. Although the 128GB is quite small if you think about the size of camera and video.

It’s time we tell you a little about our experience with the camera of this phone.

Galaxy S21 Ultra camera

There is a main 108MP camera, 12MP telephoto (5x), 10MP Ultrawide, 10MP telephoto (3x) and a laser focus at the back. The phone can record up to 8K video and if you turn on the Director Mode in the video you’ll be amazed what you can do with the cameras.

When it come to Zoom, you can zoom up to 100x. Although the picture is not entirely clear at 100x zoom but you can still see some details. Also the this phone focus on object faster than the Galaxy S20 Ultra of last year.

In fact, it seems Samsung upgraded the camera of last year and make everything right in this new Galaxy S21 Ultra camera. Everything about the camera is superb even the portrait mode of the 40MP front camera is incredible.

Additional feature such as steady video, OIS, HDR etc are also available to make using the camera more fun. And yes the night mode is another great feature of the smartphone.

From the review of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, we found out the phone is just perfect in every sense. It’s good for gaming, it’s display is big and colorful for movies and graphics then the camera is just so on spot. And to crown it is the big battery size to keep the phone for a long time.

This phone is just fit for anyone. Gamers, movie lovers, camera freaks, engineers and even if you just want to show off. From its sleek design to the elegant and strong Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, this phone give you a different kind of Vibe.

So, this is the review of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and it’s so far the most complete phone by Samsung yet. You’ll also be getting three years of software updates which means this phone will be valid for a very long time.

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