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Samsung is forcing Xiaomi to rethink its Foldable design

The high reception of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is forcing Xiaomi to rethink the design of its foldable smartphone. Samsung is currently the global leader when it comes to foldable smartphone and words on the street has it the Xiaomi wants to level up.

To level up, Xiaomi will have to make some changes and even replicate some features inside the Galaxy Z Fold 3. So, the company is redesigning its Mi Mix Fold to challenge the Z Fold 3 – according to a well-known Xiaomi insider.

Some of the features we expect Xiaomi to bring to the Mi Mix Fold include; an under-display camera, fast charging technology, and improved display refresh rate. Maybe, the new Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold might also see a new design to look simpler like the Z Fold 3.

Samsung still dominate the Foldable market

For now, Samsung is still the king of foldable smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 have been best sellers in various region. And the redesign of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold won’t pose serious threat at least not yet.

We don’t even know if the new Mi Mix Fold will make it out of China into the Global market. Samsung has the brand power and marketing ability to maintain its supremacy in the foldable market.

To compete with Samsung in the foldable market, Xiaomi will have to work on its foldable smartphones to be as durable and smooth as the recent Samsung foldable smartphones. And redesigning its new Mi Mix Fold is just the first step.

We hope to get more information regarding this new Mi Mix Fold in coming weeks. But for now, Samsung still rules the Foldable market.



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