Samsung has been the king of the foldable market for more than three years now. The likes of OPPO and vivo joined the race to compete in the foldable market with the release of the OPPO Find N and vivo X Fold foldable phones by both companies. But, the most threat to Samsung in this market is Apple. However, it seems that for Apple to enter this market the company needs to copy the display tech from Samsung.

According to a recent report by The Elec, Apple has started working on a new display that will be used on its foldable devices. But, it seems that Apple will copy the display technology used by Samsung on its Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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Well, the reason is obvious, Samsung has produced three generations of foldable phones and thus mastered the display tech for foldable devices to a good degree. One of the big challenges of developing a foldable display is making it durable and keeping it thin. If the display is too thick, the fold and unfold experience will be awful. Make the display too thin and you have issues with durability.

Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung has managed to perfect the display technology starting from the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Korean tech giant has successfully removed the polarizer layer with the OLED display of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Apple is trying to copy this same display technology for its foldable devices without reducing the brightness of the screen and thickening the panel polarizer.

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Samsung still leads the foldable market

For those who don’t know, a polarizer only allows light to pass through specific directions, thereby improving the visibility of the display. Polarizers, however, use more power to keep the level of brightness constant across the board, and this results in a thicker display panel. In the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung removed the polarizer, used a color filter on a thin film, and added a black pixel-defining layer.

With this new technology, Samsung was able to achieve 25% less power consumption and a 33% increase in brightness. Now that Apple is ready to join the race for foldable phones, the company needs this display technology from Samsung for its foldable devices.

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Aside from the display tech, there is no news on what else Apple will copy from Samsung. But, we think Apple got the software parts and other hardware covered. Although the Apple foldable device is still in the initial stages of development, we look forward to how this will turn out.

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