BOE is one of the OLED producers for Apple and a new report has surfaced confirming that Apple halted the OLED screen production for the iPhone 13 in February. According to The Elec, a Korean outlet, BOE altered the design of the circuit width without prior authorization from Apple.

This alteration changed the thin-film transistor and this would affect the internal architecture of the iPhone. Due to this change, Apple ordered BOE to halt screen production for the iPhone 13.

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In another report, there is currently a decrease in the production of OLED panels at BOE and this is because of the shortage in driver ICs. BOE gets these driver ICS from a South Korean company known as LX Semicon. This company also supplies driver ICs for LG displays.

iPhone 13 screen

Stopping BOE from producing the OLED screen for iPhone 13 won’t affect the partnership between Apple and BOE. This halt won’t also affect iPhone 13 as Apple is also partners with other screen manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. So, Apple does not depend on BOE for all its screens.

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It is also expected the BOE will manufacture the screens that will be used for the incoming Apple iPhone 14. So, it appears everything is still in place between Apple and BOE despite the halt in OLED screen production for the iPhone 13.

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