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Snapdragon 888 Vs Snapdragon 865 Plus: Chipset Comparison

Snapdragon 888 Vs Snapdragon 865 Plus: When it’s was first released last year, the Snapdragon 865 was, well out of this world. And many tech analyst including here at Tech Arena24 kept wondering how it’s upgrade will look like.

Qualcomm has made some real significant improvement in the areas of GPU, AI, battery efficiency and over performance. So, we are going to look at the test results from Geekbench and Antutu.

Then we’ll get to actually see the level of upgrade there is between the SD 888 and SD 865 plus.

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Snapdragon 888 Vs Snapdragon 865 Plus: All the Upgrades

The first upgrade we’ll talk about is the GPU. SD 865 plus uses the Adreno 650 GPU which is now upgraded to the Adreno 660 in the SD 888.

According to Qualcomm, the new GPU is 35% more efficient and 20% more power efficient. What this means is that phones powered by the SD 888 will have increase gaming performance and won’t drain battery that much.

Another area of improvement is the CPU. Yes, the SD 865 plus has an over-clocked CPU which takes it on same level with the SD 888. But, the ARM CORTEX-X1 is more powerful and offer faster processing.

In the areas of AI and machine learning, the SD 888 is also ahead of the SD 865 plus. Phones that uses the SD 888 can process multiple instructions simultaneously more.

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Did you know, that the Snapdragon 888 can actually shoot three videos and pictures simultaneously? Imagine, using your main camera, ultrawide camera and telephoto lens all at same time. It’s dope right? For all the Geek bench and Antutu scores, please watch the full comparison video.

What does this upgrade from Snapdragon 865 plus to Snapdragon 888 means for Android phones? It’s simple, phones using the SD 888 will be more expensive but will have better user experience and faster processing.

More is that coming chip will even be better. For example, the SD 888 is built on 5nm what happens when a chip is built on 4nm?

Well, tell us what you think about the Snapdragon 888 Vs Snapdragon 865 Plus comparison? Use the comment section below to drop your opinion. We’ll like to hear from you.






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