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Starlink vs MTN 5G: Which is Faster and Better for you

Starlink vs MTN 5G: If you work from home or own a small business in Nigeria (or anywhere else), you’ll need an internet connection that is not only fast but also reliable. With the recent trends of even Nigerian banks having frequent network issues, you might want to consider having an internet connection that is stable, fast, and reliable. The two top options to choose from will have to be Starlink and MTN 5G router.

However, which should you buy? Is it the MTN 5G router or Starlink? Well, for a faster, better, and more reliable internet connection, you should buy Starlink. To explain why we recommend Starlink over MTN 5G, in this Starlink vs MTN 5G article, we’ll share with you some download and upload speed test results. We’ll also compare the prices of these services and this will help you understand why it’s better for you to buy Starlink.

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MTN Nigeria has been offering some really good services but not so much when it comes to internet connections. Most times, MTN Nigeria offers network downtime frequently even in big cities. As a result, the speed of your internet is dropped and becomes very slow. But this is not the case with Starlink.

From our time using Starlink, the internet connection is consistently stable. Maybe this is because Starlink is connecting to Satellite instead of a nearby cell tower. Now Starlink is not perfect as we noticed that sometimes, the upload speed drops from 28Mbps to 24mbps but this is still way better than MTN 5G whose upload time dropped from 8Mbps to 7Mbps. This brings us to another reason why Starlink is better than MTN 5G i.e. “Speed”.

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The difference is internet speed is very huge. We tested the upload and download speeds of Starlink and MTN 5G and it’s safe to say that Starlink is about 150% faster than MTN 5G. From the speed test, the peak download speed of MTN 5G was 81Mbps while its peak download speed was 8Mbps but dropped to 7Mbps. Starlink on the other hand had a peak download speed of 231Mbps and a peak upload speed of 28Mbps which later dropped to 16Mbps.

The table below highlights the difference in internet speed test between Starlink and MTN 5G:

SpeedMTN 5GStarlink
Peak Download81Mbps231Mbps
Average Upload7Mbps16Mbps
Peake Upload8Mbps28Mbps

Aside from having better internet connections and faster upload/download speed, Starlink is also more affordable than MTN 5G. The price of the Starlink hardware is N274,098 and its monthly subscription service is N19,260. In comparison, the price of the MTN 5G hardware is N50,000, and its monthly subscription starts at N10,000 for 40GB. You can buy a 200GB data bundle for about N25,000 which is more expensive than the unlimited data offered by Starlink at N19,260.

At first look, the cost of buying Starlink is expensive but for the stable, faster, and unlimited internet connection, it’s actually cheaper than the MTN 5G in the long run. For example, you spend a total of N293,353 to set up Starlink while setting up MTN 5G will cost you just N60,000. But, 40GB on a 5G network is nothing and might not even last you up to 7 days.

This means you’ll have to be N30,000 to N40,000 monthly to buy a data bundle subscription on your MTN 5G router. When you compare the cost of a monthly data subscription for the MTN 5G with the unlimited data that Starlink offers for N19,260, then you’ll see that Starlink is cheaper and offer better value.

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4. MTN 5G is Easier to Setup

To be honest, setting up MTN 5G is easier than setting up Starlink. Although setting up Starlink is not very difficult, setting up MTN 5G is faster and easier. However, if you can set up Starlink properly, you’ll surely get better internet service than when you set up MTN 5G. You can read our Starlink Setup Guide to assist you with setting up your Starlink.

5. Mobility

MTN 5G can be carried around you with ease. Even if you don’t want to carry the MTN 5G router, you can get a 5G SIM card from MTN Nigeria, insert it in your 5G phone, and enjoy MTN 5G services in areas where there is MTN 5G service. However, Starlink is not that mobile as you’ll have to bring all the Starlink hardware and go through the process of setting up the hardware again.

MTN 5G is good but Starlink is way better. Our Starlink vs MTN 5G test shows that Starlink offers more stable, faster, better, and cheaper internet connections. So, if you need a network that will give you a fast, reliable, and cheap internet connection, then buy the Starlink and not MTN 5G router.

Important Note

This test was carried out in one location (Lagos) with MTN 5G and Starlink setup in that location. The result for this test might be different in another location but we strongly believe that MTN 5G will not offer a faster internet connection regardless of location. In fact, Starlink offers more network coverage and in areas where there is no MTN 5G, Starlink will offer the same if not better internet speed as the one reported in this article.

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2 responses to “Starlink vs MTN 5G: Which is Faster and Better for you”

  1. Sense Avatar

    Bruh, my MTN 4G is way faster than your 5G, just a very poor comparison. And all the reviewers are barely seeing that speed on Starlink. I get 50GB for 6k, don’t know what you’re on coming up with that generic pricing. You can always get double data on MTN, so 80GB for 10k basically. Mobility also trumps speed, obviously people are not always downloading to require such a speed, but people always move.

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Your emotions can not change tested facts. You’ve not used both Starlink and MTN 5G simultaneously so I don’t expect you to understand. Lastly, no one said MTN 5G is not good we only compared and highlighted the areas where both are different. It’s left for users to decide which of the two services fits their needs more.

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