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TCL Fold ‘n Roll: First Concept Device with Rollable and Foldable Screens

TCL Fold ‘n Roll: It’s very common that we see crazy ideas in the smartphone industry. And just when we thought the likes of Xiaomi Mix Alpha has the craziest concept, well TCL has something new and interesting coming your phone way.

One might think that Fold ‘n Roll can’t be use in same sentence when it comes to smartphones. But TCL is hinting on releasing a smartphone that has a display that is both Foldable and Rollable. It gets even more interesting.

According to this report from GSM Arena, the display of the TCL Fold ‘n Roll will fold outward (just like the original Huawei Mate X). But, the display will also have a rollable mechanism that extends the unfolded screen. TCL combined next-gen hinges and mechanics to support both actions.

The initial display size will be about 6.87 inches and when it’s unfold it’ll become 8.85 inches. Then the rollable mechanism can extend it to 10 inches. Now, this will also affect the aspect ratio of the device (it won’t be square shaped like most foldable phones once its display is extended).

TCL is a very big company with huge interest in advance screen technologies. The company is the mother company of CSOT, a large display maker from China that makes displays used in phone screens and large TV screens. It first started making flexible OLED panels back in Q4 2019.

It seems that company has also reached out to partners to try and find ways to use Glass for the screen of the TCL Fold ‘n Roll. Remember the prototype shows it has an outward display and glass screens are more durable compared to the plastic screen the prototype is currently using.

And this is just a prototype – TCL cautions that it will take some time before 3-in-1 devices like the Fold ‘n Roll arrive in stores. The company plans to release simpler device with a flexible screen later this year, but they are yet to reveal anything about its form factor.





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