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User sues Samsung over defective Chromebook Plus Hinge

It’s not new that electronic devices gets damaged over time. But sometimes, some users takes it to the next level and sue a company over a damaged device.

A user has sued Samsung over a defective hinge on the Samsung Chromebook Plus that caused damage to the display of the device. According to the report, Samsung refused to reimburse the buyer after he repaired the damaged display of his Chromebook plus caused by the hinge.

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The Chomebook Plus is advertised to be a 2-in-1 device with a removable touchscreen. This makes it doubles as the laptop when connected to the keyboard and as a tablet when detached from the keyboard.

This device featured a Gorilla Glass 3 which Samsung said should be able to prevent the display from getting damaged easily. However, reverse has been the case as most users report that the display gets damage from everyday use. And it the built-in hinges is reportedly the cause of the frequent damage.

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Samsung sued over broken display caused by Hinge

From observation, the hinges of the Samsung Chromebook plus appears to become loose after been use for a period of time. So, when the device is closed or opened, the frame of the device press against the display and this caused cracks.

Samsung Chromebook plus broken display

According to report from Bleeping Computer , some users have complained of color and pixel issues. But Samsung had said the users were handling the convertible properly and of having caused the damage themselves.

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However, Tony McCoy is not having any of it as he filed a complaint with a court in the US state of New Jersey against Samsung. He claimed to have spent $350 to repair his device but Samsung is yet to refund him the money.

This means Tony is holding Samsung responsible for the damage which the company has earlier stated was no fault of theirs. With so many users complaining about same issues, it appears Samsung has been aware of this issue for a long time.

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We still don’t know if this lawsuit is justified. Samsung is also yet to release an official statement regarding this lawsuit.

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