There have been rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series including renders and specs. Some of the renders showed the device with P-shape rear camera module. But today, the actual real live images of the Galaxy S22 Ultra has surfaced online.

Thanks to Front Page Tech, we actually got to see the actual design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. And there are some few modifications and some of its hardware remains same. So, what’s new and what’s not.

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What’s new in the Galaxy s22 Ultra

From the leaked images, one of the new modifications to the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the build in S-PEN. The Galaxy S21 Ultra had support for S-PEN but was not built into the device. It was more of a secondary accessory s to speak. But that has changed with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Galaxy S22 Ultra S-PEN

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Samsung is including the S-PEN inside the Galaxy S22 Ultra just like we’ve seen in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Does this means the Korean company is really ditching the Galaxy note series? No one knows for sure but we do know that having a built in S-PEN makes the Galaxy S22 Ultra thicker.

Another noticeable change is that arrangement of rear camera. There is no big camera module but just small holes that comes out from the back cover. This appears to make the device sits more comfortably on flat surfaces.

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What remains the same

From the report, Samsung is also using same 108MP hardware camera from the Galaxy S20 Ultra on this one. It’ll be accompanied by a 12MP ultrawide lens, a 10MP 3x telephoto lens, a 10MP 10x telephoto lens, and a laser autofocus.

Galaxy S22 Ultra

It also maintains same curved display edges as the Ultra model of the Galaxy Note 20. In fact, from the front screen, the device looks very similar to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This device also has one tiny punch hole at the top of the display for selfie camera.

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Availability of the Galaxy S22 Ultra

It is expected that Samsung will release this device in February of 2022. This means it might run Android 12 out of the box and also rock the all new Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 chip inside.

Galaxy S22 Ultra screen

From the leaks so far, the design, build, chip and software of the Galaxy S22 Ultra seems to be allot different from previous phones in this series. And with a new chip and software, one can only expect improved performance.

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But, we’ll find out when the device finally hits the hands of users. What do yo think about the new Galaxy S22 Ultra? Use the comment section below.

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