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Apple to resolve Jelly Scrolling issue on iPad Mini with 120Hz ProMotion display

The recently announced Apple iPad Mini features really impressive internals. It had fast CPU and GPU, it also came with upgraded cameras, featured smaller chassis with bigger display but had a small problem with its display.

According to most users, the iPad Mini had the ‘Jelly Scrolling’ issue. And for those who don’t know what ‘Jelly Scrolling’ means, it’s an issue with a display where a part of the display refreshes slower than the other side. Of course, to solve this problem means all sides of the display has to refresh evenly.

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To resolve this issue, a new report (or rumor) has surfaced online claiming that Apple will include the 120Hz ProMotion display feature in its forthcoming 8.3-inch iPad Mini. This is in effort to try and make all sides of the display refresh at same rate.

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The leak was spotted on a Korean Forum website. ProMotion is Apple’s new display technology that makes it possible for its displays to refresh 120 times per second. This new display tech is currently available in many Apple devices such as; the iPad Pro, 2021 MacBook Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro.

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And going by the new report from the Korean forum, Apple is bringing this display tech to the Apple iPad Mini. Introducing feature will solve the ‘jelly scrolling’ issue and also improve the display quality for the small Apple iPad.

But this is just rumor and nothing is verified. So, we advise you take this update with a little pinch of salt as more news and updates will be revealed soon.





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