iPhone 13 display repair

Apple to Fix Face ID issue after Third Party iPhone 13 Screen Repair


The issue of right to repair is rocking the smartphone hardware industry. It’s becoming more and more difficult for third party to be able to repair devices when it’s broken. This is usually because OEMs are locking the device components with software update or some chip.

This issue is related to the recently released iPhone 13 and Apple says it’s currently working on a fix for the Face ID problems for the iPhone 13 screen after third party repair.

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According to TheVerge, Apple is working on a software update that will make it possible for third party repair shops to replace the iPhone 13 screen without having to transfer the microcontroller chip.

Last week, iFixit explained that replacing the screen of the iPhone 13 series means damaging the Face ID. Apple used a tiny new control chip in the flex cable connecting the screens to uniquely connect each display to each motherboard.


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iPhone 13 display repair
Replacing iPhone 13 screen (image: iFixit)

So, even if you remove the display of a working iPhone 13 Pro and put in another one it won’t work properly. This leaves Apple and its partners as the only shops that can replace the screen of your Apple iPhones.

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Third party repair shops not in Apple’s Independent Repair Program have to face huge obstacles to be able to fix a broken iPhone 13 screen. They basically have to de-solder the small chip from the broken screen and then re-solder it on the new display. This takes lots of efforts, time and needs special equipment that is not readily available in most repair centers.

Getting a Fix for this issue would be a great relief for third party repair shops. But Apple has not specify when it will release the software update.


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