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Sony Xperia Pro-I vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: Which is better

Sony Xperia Pro-I vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: If price is to be considered first, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is cheaper and smarter. But the Sony Xperia Pro-I has a unique display that is crisper and for the first time we’re seeing a 1-inch camera sensor on a device. Below are the full comparison to help you decide on which to buy.

Sony Xperia Pro-I vs Google Pixel 6 Pro

SpecificationsPixel 6 ProXperia Pro-I
Display6.7-inch, 120Hz6.5-inch, 120Hz
Storage128 – 512GB512GB
Back Camera50 + 48 + 12MP12 + 12 + 12MP
Front Camera11MP8MP
ChipsetTensor ChipSnapdragon 888
SoftwareAndroid 12Android 11
Battery5,000mAh (33W)4,500mAh (30W)

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Display & Durability

Google Pixel 6 Pro has a 6.7-inch QHD+ LTPO OLED display with 120Hz refresh screen. Which means it can adapt between 10Hz – 120Hz depending on what app you are using at the time. This helps to save battery life. More so, the phone is protected by Corning gorilla glass victus, also it is water and dust resistant (IP68).

The Sony Xperia Pro-I on the other hand has a compact narrower display of 6.5-inch 4K OLED touchscreen with 120Hz support. The 4k display is crisper which could have been better if not for the excessive battery consumption. In terms of durability, it is protected by Corning gorilla glass victus and comes with IP68 water and dust resistant.

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Overall, both displays are great and if detailing is a thing for you, the Sony Xperia Pro-I’s 4K display is a goal. But majority of the time it consumes too much battery. Which is why the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s LTPO screen is better in my opinion.


The Google Pixel 6 Pro has 50MP main camera with OIS support, alongside a 48MP persiocpe telephoto lens (4x optical zoom) and a 12MP ultrawide lens. Upfront is a 11MP selfie camera. It can record video in 4k resolution.

The Pixel 6 Pro camera is more exciting because of its software features like the “magic eraser” which allows you to edit and remove unwanted background objects.

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Sony Xperia Pro-I vs Google Pixel 6 Pro

In comparison, the Sony Xperia Pro-I brings a 12MP main camera with OIS alongside a 12MP ultrawide and a 12MP OIS telephoto lens (2x optical zoom). Sadly, the front camera of the Xperia Pro-I is 8MP which is poor in quality.

Overall, the Sony Xperia Pro-I has a good camera hardware but lacks proper software to take advantage of it. While the Google Pixel 6 Pro brings a well collaborated system of both software and hardware which is the reason for its more vibrant pictures.

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The end product of these two smartphones when it comes to photography speaks for itself. The Google Pixel 6 Pro wins easily for its vibrancy.

Performance | Storage | RAM | 5G

These two devices are 5G enabled. The Google Pixel 6 Pro is powered by the newly Google Tensor chip, paired with 12GB RAM and 128 GB – 512 GB storage. There is no space for external card and no 3.5mm headphone jack either.

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But Sony Xperia Pro-I is available only in one model of 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage + it has external space for up to 1TB micro SD card, alongside a 3.5mm headphone jack. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset which has an excellent CPU and GPU.

Overall, these two smartphones can perform similar tasks smoothly but if you are looking for big storage space, the Sony Xperia Pro-I offers 1.5TB in total (512 GB native storage & 1TB micro SD card).

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At the moment when it comes to AI and ML, the Google Pixel 6 series are steps ahead of its competition. It runs Android 12 out of the box with 3 years of major update in view. While the Sony Xperia Pro-I comes out of the box running Android 11.


Pixel 6 Pro packs 5,000 mAh battery capacity out of the box with 30W fast charge support, while Sony Xperia Pro-I comes with 4,500 mAh battery capacity with 30W fast charge.

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Sony Xperia Pro-I vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: Price

Google Pixel 6 Pro price with 12/128 GB configuration starts at $899, while the Sony Xperia Pro-I with 12/512 GB is priced $1,799. 

Sony Xperia Pro-I vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: Verdict

On paper, the Sony Xperia Pro-I has mouthwatering specs that fails to impress when it comes to the average person user experience. It is a tool for the professionals which explains while it is so expensive. The hardwares are unique but no software to compliment it’s better part.

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But you see the Pixel 6 Pro, it is cheaper and very easy to recommend. No much complication, easy to use and software is top notch.

So if I’m to score these two devices by percentage. I’ll score the Sony Xperia Pro-I (45%) while the Google Pixel 6 Pro gets (55%). The verdict is based on user friendliness and users experience.

Buy Pixel 6 ProPrice
Amazon UK£999
Amazon US$912

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