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Buyers Guide: Tecno Pova vs Redmi 9 vs Infinix Note 8

Tecno Pova vs Redmi 9 vs Infinix Note 8: In this episode of Buyers Guide, we’ll be talking about the Tecno Pova, Redmi 9 and the Infinix Note 8. We’ll show you which of these devices you should buy. While keeping price and value for money in mind.

And this buyers guide article is quite interesting considering the fact that all three smartphones listed in this article use same chipset, CPU and GPU. But even at that, they have different prices and also have different performance and host of other things.

So, this article will help you decide between the Tecno Pova, Redmi 9 and Infinix Note 8 which one you should buy.

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This buyers guide will comparing the features of these phones side by side. Display, camera, software, OS, camera, battery life etc. Then at the conclusion, we’ll talk about prices of these phones and compare with what they have to offer users.

Tecno Pova vs Redmi 9 vs Infinix Note 8

These three phones are budget mid-range smartphones from Tecno Mobile, Xiaomi Mobile and Infinix Mobile respectively. At first glance they look very different in size, build and design.

We’ll start the comparison of these phones from designs of the phones then we’ll talk about price at the end of this article. There are lots of things that set these three phones apart and you’ll find out these things below.

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Tecno Pova vs Redmi 9 vs Infinix Note 8: Design, Display and Build

All three devices come with IPS LCD display with Tecno Pova and Infinix Note 8 having bigger 6.8 inch size while the Redmi 9 come with smaller 6.53 inch. They also have same plastic back, plastic frame and glass front.

But there are differences in the design of these phones. The Infinix Note 8 come with dual front camera, the Tecno Pova has a single punch hole at the top left corner while the Redmi 9 has a cut out notch at the middle.

Holding these phones, the Tecno Pova front looks more decent due to its simple single punch hole display. Redmi 9 is much easier to hold because of its small size while the dual front camera of the Infinix Note 8 has its advantages.

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Tecno Pova vs Redmi 9 vs Infinix Note 8: Software and Chipset

All three devices run Android 10 out of the box accompanies by their own different skin software. Features like dark mode, gaming mode and others are all available across all the device. But the major difference is the App layout and icon. You’ll get different user and navigation experience when using these phones.

In the chipset category, all three phones come with MedaTek Helio G80 SOC. Which simply means they have same CPU cores, run at same frequency and also have same GPU. However, they don’t perform at same level.

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For example, this comparison video between the Tecno Pova and Redmi 9 shows that the Tecno Pova is faster and has better RAM management. While this comparison video between Infinix Note 8 and Tecno Pova shows that the Infinix Note is faster. Below is the reason why.

Xiaomi did not maximize the use of the Helio G80 in the Redmi 9. For example, the version launched in Nigeria is 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage. While the other phones has 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Storage.

So, you can easily understand why the Redmi 9 is lagging behind hen it come to speed test and RAM management. But there is even more.

This Redmi 9 Teartown video by Tech Rann on YouTube shows that the CPU of the Redmi 9 will get heated up pretty quickly. Reason because there is no good cooling system inside. And a heated CPU won’t be performing at its best.

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Tecno Pova vs Redmi 9 vs Infinix Note 8: Camera

There is a 64MP main camera in the Infinix Note 8. While the Tecno Pova and Redmi 9 has 13MP rear camera. Upfront, the Note 8 has 8MP dual selfie camera while the other two has 8MP single selfie camera.

It’s not doubt that the Infinix Note 8 is the better camera device of these three. Followed by the Redmi 9 camera which is slightly ahead of the Tecno Pova. Well, the Tecno Pova is more of a gaming device.

In summary, if you are going for camera then then Infinix Note 8 seems like your phone here. And a second choice camera phone here will be the Redmi 9.

Tecno Pova vs Redmi 9 vs Infinix Note 8: RAM and Internal Storage

Redmi 9 has 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage, Tecno Pova has 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Storage and Infinix Note 8 has 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Storage. All three devices has space to expand storage via microSD card.

These storage options are the ones available in Nigeria. Other countries might have storage options different from the ones listed above.

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Tecno Pova vs Redmi 9 vs Infinix Note 8: Battery

Tecno Pova has 6000mAh battery, Redmi has 5020mAh battery and the Infinix Note 8 has 5200mAh battery. Infinix Note 8 and Redmi uses USB Type-C port while the Tecno Pova uses the standard USB port.

Tecno Pova vs Redmi 9 vs Infinix Note 8: Price

The price of Tecno Pova is 80,000 Naira, Redmi 9 is 67,000 Naira and the price of Infinix Note 8 is 91,000 Naira. Which now leads to the ultimate question, which of these devices should you buy?

Given the price of both devices, which of these phones should you buy and which of them offer value for money?


Judging from the value you’ll get when you buy any of these phones, the Infinix Note 8 is the best phone to buy here even though its the most expensive. Followed by the Tecno Pova and the Redmi 9.

Below are some of the reasons why you should decide to buy either phone.

Why you should buy the Tecno Pova
  1. Display: It has a big display which is good for gaming and watching movies.
  2. Battery: 6000mAh battery is guaranteed to carry you for a long time.
  3. Chipset: The potential of the Helio G80 gaming chipset is used to the max in terms of gaming.
  4. Bigger RAM: A 6GB RAM is good for multitasking and the 128GB Internal Storage can store lots of files.
  5. Price: Its more affordable compare to the Infinix Note 8
Why you should buy the Redmi 9
  1. Size: Its the smallest device of all three which makes it suitable for one hand operations and easy to fit into your pocket.
  2. Display: There is full HD resolution which offers better colors
  3. Weight: If you are looking for something light to carry around then this is your choice here.
  4. Design: The design of the device looks really beautiful
  5. Price: It is the most affordable of all three devices.

Why you should buy the Infinix Note 8

  1. Camera: It has better cameras both back and front (64MP rear camera and 8MP dual selfie cameras)
  2. Display: The display size is big enough for game and movie lovers.
  3. RAM and Storage: A 6GM RAM and 128GB Internal Storage is big enough to get all the job done and save lots of files.
  4. Camera Features: You get to enjoy features such as slo mo and steady video with the Infinix Note 8 camera.
  5. Battery: 5200mAh battery is not as big as 6000mAh but its still better than 5020mAh battery.

With this we come to the conclusion of the comparison, Tecno Pova vs Redmi 9 vs Infinix Note 8. We’ll like to hear from you. Which of these three devices would you rather purchase and why? Use the comment section below.

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