It seems Hauwei is trying to replace every Google App in the HarmonyOS. The company is bringing the Huawei Petal Translator as a replacement Translation app to the Google Translator for its users in HarmonyOS.

After the U.S. ban on Huawei, the Chinese tech giant was forced to speed up the development of its own Ecosystem. It’s been about three years since Hauwei devices can’t make use of Google Mobile Services (GMS). This has stunted the growth and sales of Hauwei devices in many regions.

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Without access to GMS, Huawei device can’t make use of Google services which includes: Google Play store, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google translator etc.

Good thing is, Huawei has decided to develop its own Ecosystem named Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). With the launch of the HarmonyOS 2, the company is increasing its pace to bring more apps for users.

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The latest in the series of apps from the company is the Huawei Petal Translator. Just like GMS, HMS is having core apps such as Huawei Petal Search, Petal Map,, Petal Vision, Petal Assistant, and more. And with the introduction of the latest Petal Translator, Huawei users will no longer need to use Google Translator.

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According to recent report, the Petal Translator App is now officially available for public testing. This Huawei Petal Translator App is an intelligent translation product from Huawei Cloud Service Innovation Team. It also make use of the AI translation capabilities of HMS.

Some of it’s features includes: support for text translation in multiple languages, intelligent image OCR recognition translation, real-time dialogue translation, and more.

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Key Features of the Huawei Petal Translator App

  • Text translation: It supports multilingual text translation
  • Picture translation: Has support for image translation. After translation, you can generate a sharing card and share it on WeChat and Moments
  • Dialogue translation: support multilingual dialogue translation.

Recently, more developers has started creating Apps based on the HMS core. Huawei also reported few months back that the Huawei App Gallery now has millions of users and developers.

While HMS still has a long way to go before it catches up with GMS, it’s really impressive what the Chinese Tech Giant has accomplished over the years.

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