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World’s First HarmonyOS refrigerator Hits the Market for 7,999 yuan ($1,251)

The Midea Refrigerator is the world’s first HarmonyOS powered refrigerator. This refrigerator is now available in Huawei Mall for 7,999 yuan ($1,251). But you can take advantage of the ongoing 1,000 yuan ($156) price cut and buy the Midea refrigerator for 6,999 yuan ($1,094).

Although the Midea refrigerator comes with lots of components, the most talked about is the use of HarmonyOS. This system makes it possible for the refrigerator to support “touch” second-level app-free distribution network. With this feature, users can know the freshness of ingredients at any time with a touch.

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About World’s First HarmonyOS refrigerator

That is not all, this feature combined with the ingredients in the refrigerator, users can also get information on what dishes to prepare. Also, users can get large number of recipe teachings with the touch.

To maintain the taste and nutrition of a meat, Midea refrigerator uses a special zero-degree space feature. This makes it possible for the meat to remain soft and easy to cut. Users also get a special humidity control space in the box, and the two modes of high and low humidity can be adjusted according to the food.

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Using high humidity level puts fruits and vegetables for long-lasting freshness. But, the low humidity stores dried fruits and tea leaves.

Midea Refrigerator Specs

Specs of the Midea refrigerator as released by the company includes a total volume of 603 liters. The refrigerator compartment volume of 382 liters while the freezer compartment volume is 194 liters.

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Then it also has a Chinese a total volume of 603 liters. The refrigerator compartment volume of 382 liters while the freezer compartment volume is 194 liters. With an inverter compressor inside, its energy efficiency is as low as 0.88 kilowatt-hours per day. The noise level is also as low as 38 decibels. 

As at the time of writing this article, Huawei Mall has separate a column for “HarmonyOS”. The first batch of products with “HarmonyOS” includes 24 products. There are also 9 products with HarmonyOS clearly on the page.

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The brands include Joyoung, Midea, Fangtai, and Supor. At the press conference on June 2, Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei’s consumer business software department, claims that many popular manufacturers will join the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

Mr Wang listed companies such as China Mobile, Skyworth, 360, and Boss Appliances. At present, the ecological chain of HarmonyOS has more than 300 application and service partners, more than 1,000 hardware partners, and more than 500,000 developers.

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The partners, hardware, and developers will work on a numbers of products that will use the HarmonyOS. These products will include home furnishing, travel, education, office, sports and health, government and enterprise, audio-visual entertainment, etc. 

During the launch of HarmonyOS, Huawei noted that the OS won’t be used solely for smartphones. And now, as the Midea refrigerator hits the market, we can now understand better what the Chinese tech giant means.

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