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Apple WWDC 2021: the 15 Biggest announcements

Apple WWDC 2021: this year’s World Developers Conference from Apple was phenomenal. There was a lot of announcements that if one wasn’t attentive enough, might be lost in between the precious friendly features that were revealed.

So here we bring to you the 20 biggest announcements from this year’s Apple WWDC 2021 event.

iOS 15 for iPhones gets massive improvements

FaceTime calls can now finally be done on Android phones. Just like Zoom and Google meet, FaceTime callers can now generate Links and share with iOS and Android users.

With FaceTime, you can actually do a lot of things now, thanks to the SharePlay API: you can share your app, and it supports screen share. Just like Zoom App, you can now share your screen with friends via FaceTime.

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Another impressive feature is the “Notification summary”. For those who finds it difficult to balance notification updates, because to be honest, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Well, thanks to the Notification summary that now makes things easier. You can set “Focus” profiles that filter the priority notifications while you’re working. So instead of a long string of missed notifications, all you now get is single tile (a rectangular graphic that sum up all your notifications in one place)

Coming next to iOS 15, iPadOS and macOS is the “Live Text” feature. What Android users have as “Google Lens”. With the Live Text, you can select and copy text transcribed from images coming from your camera, gallery, or even ones you’ve downloaded from the web. It can then recognise addresses and phone numbers. And according to Apple, it works in seven languages.

Apple Maps is another chunk of the software to get a major update in version 15 of the OS. It brings more detailed maps in selected cities for now as well as AR directions and 3D layered paths for walking navigation. So a more better maps experience from Apple to you.

Apple MacOS got better

Apple’s desktop operating system also got an update. Some of the features listed above works on the MacOS too. I mean, of course, it’s Apple’s Ecosystem where every features works across all devices from Apple.

A significant update in macOS Monterey is Universal Control. With this feature, you can control your iPad with the keyboard and mouse/trackpad of the Mac. Interestingly, this will require no setup. All you have to is to place your iPad next to your Mac. You can then just move your mouse across all of your Mac and the iPad and also drag and drop documents across all of them.

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Another update is that the macOS gets AirPlay to Mac. This feature enables you to AirPlay audio and Video from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.

Additionally, macOS also gets Spatial Audio, which makes the sound of the people you are talking to appear from where the person is positioned on the screen.

iPadOS 15 – enhance your Productivity

At the Apple WWDC 2021 event, Apple also announced the iPadOS 15. One fundamental update here is the bigger widget format.

These new widgets for iPadOS include Find My, Contacts, Parcels, Game Center and App Library. The App Library was initially introduced in iOS 14 and it is available now on iPadOS after a year. It’s better late than never.

Also, the iPadOS 15 multitasking UI and RAM Management system got improved too. The new multitasking UI allows you to quickly make apps full screen, or enter Split View, or use Slide Over. 

Swift Playgrounds would be a favourite feature to many in no time. with Swift Playgrounds you can build apps on iPad, and when you’re done you can submit your app straight to the App Store from your tablet. Never been easier- you know.

The Notes app for iPad was improved on as well. There is support for mentions (to tag people for them to receive a notification), and a new Quick Notes feature which allows you to quickly jot down notes on iPad, Mac, or iPhone, capturing content from other apps and websites if you need to.

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Apple watchOS 8 looks more beautiful

Apple watchOS 8 will now allow users to share photos via iMessage and Mail apps and include text through Scribble on the Watch and Dictation. There is also a new portrait watch face feature. Which allows you to put an iPhone-captured portrait mode shot in front of the time and date.

When it comes to health, keeping fits and encouraging positive mindset, the Apple watchOS 8 brings massive improvements as well.

So these are the biggest announcements from the Apple WWDC 2021 event.





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