Meta is set to bring host of new features that will be useful to users of Facebook and Facebook Messenger App. These features ranges from bill splitting to mandatory security measures and augmented reality features during group video calls.

Some of these features has rolled out in the United States, while others is yet to be fully implemented. But, let’s get to know more about these new features that Meta is implementing across its platforms.

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New Features coming to Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Meta is implementing the following features across its social media platforms:

1. Built-in Bill Splitting

Meta is introducing a Built-in Bill splitting feature in Facebook Messenger. The company has started testing this feature in the United States. The purpose of this features is to allow users split payment bill maybe in a restaurant or house rents.

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With this new feature, users will be able to ask people to pay their share of money in a group chat. And the user will be able to know who has paid his/her share and who is yet to pay.

2. Augmented Reality

Meta has also introduced augmented reality effects when making video calls on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Three of the augmented reality with one that include simulating buffering is now available. Another is expected to be available by December 6th.

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3. Mandatory Two-Factor Authenticator

For security reasons, Facebook is making it mandatory for high risk users to turn on Two-factor Authenticator. High risk users include politicians, celebrities, journalist, and human right defenders. These are people that might be easily attacked by hackers.

Facebook had launched the Facebook protect back in 2018 to exclusively protect high risk accounts. And since 2018 till date, there have been over 1.5 million users that falls in the category. Of the 1.5 million users, about 950,000 of those has two-factor authenticator turned on.

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According to Facebook, high risk accounts without two-factor authenticator will be locked. But the company also said the account won’t be lost forever. Once such account owner turn on the two-factor authenticator, the account will be unlocked.

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